About Wiccaweys

Wiccaweys is a none profit making rescue dedicated to the welfare of Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs.

Wiccaweys have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed thousands of Border Collies, many of whom would have otherwise been put to sleep.

Wiccaweys, until Summer 2017 was run on a daily basis by just 2 people, Sarah & Paul, the Wiccaweys Founders.
In 2017, with the support of Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries, Wiccaweys was able to take on staff and we now have 2 full time members of staff, 3 part time members of staff and 1 Saturday girl.
We also have a dedicated team of homecheckers and caring volunteers who help out when they can.

Wiccaweys receive over 10,000 phone calls per year asking for help with collies. A lot of these calls are seeking behavioural advice. This advice is always provided free of charge.

Wiccaweys receives between 250 - 300 visits to the website each day, with over 90,000 hits to the site each year.

Wiccaweys can have up to 40 - 50 dogs within their care at any one time. All will be at Wiccaweys HQ in Lincolnshire.

Wiccaweys helps other rescue organisations with advice, rehoming and rehabilitation issues. These rescues have included the RSPCA, The Dogs Trust, Wood Green, Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, Bath Cats & Dogs Home, Warrington Animal Welfare, Chiltern Dog Rescue Society, Hereford & Worcester Animal Rescue, Rochdale Dog Rescue
, Hyndburn Stray Dogs In Need as well as many, many others.

Wiccaweys helps with abandoned Irish collies who stand no chance of finding a home in Eire. We have worked with KLAWS (Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society) Kingdom Animal Rescue, Limerick Animal Welfare, Letrim Animal Welfare, Dogs In Distress, Tralee Animal Welfare and others to help and improve the prospects for the Irish Collies. We have a dedicated Eire based volunteer co-ordinator.

Wiccaweys ensures all adopters commit to an excellent standard of care for their new friend with a legally binding adoption contract which sets out their responsibilities and duties. If these standards are not met, we will bring the dog back into rescue. Lifetime support is provided to all dogs once they become a Wiccaweys dog.

Wiccaweys is committed to educating all collie owners how they can make life fulfilling for their collie.