Wiccaweys Recommended Reading

Here is a selection of books that you may find useful when you are thinking about taking on a rescue dog, whether that be a Border Collie or otherwise, and books about the Border Collie as a breed.

Rescue Dogs - books to help you understand your new rescue dog or puppy

Gwen Bailey
The Rescue Dog
- ISBN 0600603512
Summary: A practical guide to adopting an adult dog; Offers advice on how to choose the right dog and settling in; Provides guidelines on training and setting the ground rules; Includes tips on teaching the recall, coping with aggression and dealing with minor problems such as jumping up, running away, pulling on the lead and car travel; Illustrated with specially commissioned photographs

Karen Pryor
Don't shoot the dog - ISBN 0553380397
Summary: Use behavioral training on people, dogs and other animals to make changes! End undesirable behavior; learn "affection training"

Border Collie - breed specific books

Thomas Longton
Training the Sheep Dog - ISBN 1861266383
Summary: A comprehensive guide to training a Border Collie both for agricultural work and the competitive world of sheep dog trialling. Containing tips and advice and illustrated throughout with photographs and diagrams, this title aims to offer a key to understanding this unique breed and developing a perfect working partner and companion.

Barbara Swann
The Complete Border Collie - ISBN 0948955945
Summary: The border collie is Britain's favourite breed of pet dog. The author concentrates on various aspects of training the canine "super brain".

Carol Price, Drew Marland
Understanding the Border Collie: A Pet-owner's Guide to Collies and Collie-crosses - ISBN 1874092869
Summary: The Border Collie is one of Britain's oldest strains of dog, bred to herd livestock. Despite its appealing qualities, it does not slip effortlessly into becoming a family pet, and accounts for almost half of all abandoned dogs in Britain. This text provides advice on how to choose your dog - whether a puppy or rescue collie - and how to rear, feed and train it.

Marjorie Quarton
The Working Border Collie - ISBN 0793804965
Summary: The Working Border Collie introduces the reader to every aspect of the breed, from its origins and history to selecting a puppy, the breed''s character, care, training and problem-solving, breedings, trials, health, and much more

Alison Hornsby
The Ultimate Border Collie - ISBN 1860540880
Summary: Bred first and foremost for its working ability, the Border Collie is valued both as a sheepdog and as an assistance dog for the deaf, disabled and blind. This guide looks at the origins of the breed and how to channel its instincts and intelligence. US

Kim Dearth
Your Border Collie's Life - ISBN 076152536X
Summary: Your Complete Guide to Raising Your Pet from Puppy to Companion. US

Training & Activities- books to help you and your dog enjoy life

Gwen Bailey
The Perfect Puppy - ISBN 0600585816
Summary: The Perfect Puppy is for puppy owners, or would-be owners, who want to know how to bring their puppy up to be a happy, well-behaved and friendly adult dog. Anti-social behaviour in dogs is often blamed on owners, but many are not irresponsible or uncaring, they simply have insufficient knowledge. This book provides that knowledge. Containing the most up-to-date bahavioural information, the emphasis of this fascinating book is on prevention rather than cure. Follow Gwen Bailey's advice and you should have no trouble with problems such as chewed shoes, pulling on the lead and aggression when your dog is fully grown. Full-colour photographs illustrate subjects such as socialisation, house-training, preventing biting and aggression, training and many more.

Behaviour- books to help you understand what your dog is thinking - and why

Gwen Bailey - ISBN 1571458700
What is my dog thinking?
Summary: The essential guide to understanding pet behaviour