Dog of the Month

This section is to highlight some of our longer staying dogs and help them find the homes they deserve.
Each month we will focus on a dog that is continuingly passed over because they aren't the best looking collie in the world, or they have little quirks that make them more of a challenge.
Whatever the reason is, they are still wonderful dogs and they deserve a new loving home just as much as the next dog.

If you would like to offer our Dog of the Month a home, please contact us for chat.

Wiccaweys is in Laughton Warren, Lincolnshire.
Please note that Wiccaweys is our home and we are not open to the public.
Meeting any dog is strictly by appointment only.
If you are not currently in a position to offer a rescue dog a new home, but would still like to help our work by supporting the dogs on this page, please visit our Online Donation page.
October 2017

Baby Milo
11 months

Baby Milo is a very special boy. He has come to us from a lady who saved him from a farm, where he was about to be shot.

Milo is a special needs lad, as he is virtually blind and very limited hearing. He looks to be the result of a merle to merle mating. Milo is a very sweet lad, a real baby. He is extremely affectionate and loves other dogs. He travels well. He manages very well considering and to watch him map out a new environment to find his boundries and obstacles is a wonder to observe. He knows sit, and the little girl in his previous home taught him how to give paw. He is a real treasure.