Family Gallery

Baby Buffy learning the ropes
"I can do this recall lark....."
"When I grow up, i'm going to be a Pirate"
Cute hey?
Hide and seek time - Dru hiding in the car
Charlie counting (now over the Rainbow Bridge)
Bran and Dru hiding in the car
Buffy - not knowing where to hide!
Quick, hide here with us!
How many more can hide in here?
Bran and Dru in the garden
Bran and Bobby
Bobby, Buffy, Dru and Bran
In the garden
Brynn at a fun day - PR man!
Dru being soppy
Dru having a cuddle
Dru, upside down as usual
Jake, Me and Dru
Dru and me
Line up for your kisses with Mommy
Jakey and me
Dru and I on the Thornberry Sponsored Walk
Dru and I with Rachel, Paul and Alfie