Need our help rehoming your dog?

If you you have a collie you feel you can no longer keep, and you would like us to help rehome your dog, please telephone 07905 203254 for a chat.

We are happy to take calls between:

10am and 7pm, Monday to Friday 10am and 4pm, Saturday & Sunday

Please note that if your dog came from another rescue organisation, you must always contact them first.

There are many genuine reasons why people can no longer care for their collies, and you will be treated with sensitivity and understanding. We always have a waiting list of dogs needing to come in for rehoming, so please be aware it may not be possible to take your dog in immediately.

If you are needing to rehome your collie due to behavioural issues, or breed characteristics, we can give you advice and suggestions that may lead to you being able to keep your dog. We always say that a dog we help to stay with their family is just as rewarding and fullfilling as a successful homing - the dog has a home where he/she is loved.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you and your collie need help.

We have 3 levels of rescue spaces available and the waiting time will depend on which catergory the dog comes into and the spaces available:

Level 1: Dogs in Pounds / Dogs in Vets / Dogs in immediate danger

Level 2: Dogs with other rescues

Level 3: Dogs in private homes