Wiccaweys is lucky enough to have a Healer amongst our volunteers and we can offer healing sessions for both dogs and people.

If folks wish to book healing time, please call Ros on 07906 260310. You may have to leave a message, but she will get back to you soon as she can.

There is a lovely beautiful calm, serene space at Wiccaweys HQ near Wellingborough, in which Ros holds the healing sessions. She also has an office in Cambridgeshire.

About Healing:

Healing is recognised in Law in the United Kingdom. It can be prescribed by a medical doctor.

Healing has been used by medical doctors and therapists for many years, it is known in many cultures and across many ages, and there has been extensive research into its effectiveness and usefulness. It is used in conjunction with, and alongside, conventional forms of treatment – it is a complementary therapy, which can also be beneficial for your animal companions.

You can find...
… that during relaxation and healing, the healer can channel and guide positive energies, which can then promote your body’s own healing forces, whether they be needed in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual areas of your life.

Healing can bring a sense of calm and of ‘clearing’. For some it can feel like a warmth, for others they may feel coolness or lightness. Yet others report they see colours during healing. All are quite safe and natural, and you may wish to discuss any discoveries with your Healer.

In accordance with current lesgislation, Ros would need for the dogs owner to be present for the healing time, and at all times the care of a vet takes precedent and the vet is in charge of their wellbeing. Humans do not need to have their owners present...

In short, it's all good stuff, and some insurance companies also pay for such treatments (mostly if agreed by or prescribed by a vet), but please do check with your policy and company before booking.

About The Therapist

Rosalyn Young

Ros is registered as a Healer Member with IFISH and is fully insured as a professional healer.

Ros is also a General Hypnotheraphy Standards Council Validated Practitioner, trained in general hypnosis with Mindwork, Nottingham and with Penny Parks for specialist abuse and trauma recovery work using PICT. She has been awarded full membership of the NCP, augmenting 16 years of RMN nursing, spanning NHS, military and prison nursing, therapeutic community and voluntary sector work with Victim Support.

You can visit Ros' website at: www.timefor.org


A Healing Session costs £20, and portion of this goes to Wiccaweys. A session last about an hour. If you book time outside of Wiccaweys HQ, please mention Wiccaweys to Ros, so she knows you are coming via us.

To book healing time, please call Ros on: 07906 260310

For those who find they are not mobile enough, or whose animals cannot travel, Ros may be able to do home visits.