Pups needing homes
12 months and under

If you think you could provide a new loving home for one of our pups,
please read the How To Adopt page before you call.

Wiccaweys is in Laughton Warren, Lincolnshire.
Please note that Wiccaweys is our home and we are not open to the public.
Meeting any dog is strictly by appointment only.
If you are not currently in a position to offer a rescue dog a new home, but would still like to help our work by supporting the dogs on this page, please visit our Online Donation page.

Please phone for a chat if you are thinking about offering a home to a Border Collie puppy.

Border Collies often go through a "teenager" stage between the ages of 6 months to 18 months, and so are not suitable for all lifestyles. This is the most common reason that Collie pups and youngsters come into rescue. In this case, you may find that an older dog is more of a match for your situation and home environment. Please call for advice, we are always happy to help and advise to help the right dog find the right home.

Maggie, Eve & Sonny
Arriving this week

Three little souls looking for new families. Arriving later this week.

8 months

This lovely young lady is Bella. She needs a new home as her family were ill equipped to have a intelligent, bright collie girl.

Bella is a wonderful girl, full of fun and mischief. She is affectionate and loves to play racey chasey games with other dogs. She has been polite with our cats. Bella would love a home with a canine pal. Another interesting thing about Bella is that she bares a remarkable resemblance to a 'coated Mexican hairless' dog. Check them out on google. ;-)

12 months

Please say hello to Ruby. At only 12 months, despite being very much loved, Ruby desperately needed to find a new home due to her owners medical condition.

Ruby is smashing little pocket rocket collie girl. She is incredibly intelligent and loves to use her brain. Ruby can be shy with new folks to start with, but once she knows you she will do everything in her power to please you. Gorgeous little girl. If love bright, switched on, small, bossy collie girls, you will love her! If you don't or you aren't on her wave length, you will be in a straight jacket within a month.....! I love her! My kind of girl!!