Pups needing homes
12 months and under

If you think you could provide a new loving home for one of our pups,
please read the How To Adopt page before you call.

Wiccaweys is in Laughton Warren, Lincolnshire.
Please note that Wiccaweys is our home and we are not open to the public.
Meeting any dog is strictly by appointment only.
If you are not currently in a position to offer a rescue dog a new home, but would still like to help our work by supporting the dogs on this page, please visit our Online Donation page.

Please phone for a chat if you are thinking about offering a home to a Border Collie puppy.

Border Collies often go through a "teenager" stage between the ages of 6 months to 18 months, and so are not suitable for all lifestyles. This is the most common reason that Collie pups and youngsters come into rescue. In this case, you may find that an older dog is more of a match for your situation and home environment. Please call for advice, we are always happy to help and advise to help the right dog find the right home.

Dizzy Lizzy
4 months

Dizzy Lizzy is a cheeky girl who has come to us from our friends at Kingdom Rescue in Ireland after she and her brother, Izzy found themselves abandoned to a dog pound at Christmas. Barely away from his mother and thrown into a pound at Christmas, she was lucky to make it out alive, other dogs wouldn't have been so lucky. Yes, people do still abandon their dogs over Christmas.

Lizzy is a dear little happy soul, full of fun and mischief. She is even more lucky to make it out of the pound as she has 'head tilt' and was circling all the time she was in the pound. When the guys at Kingdom got her out, they took her to their vets who treated her for an ear infection. Her head tilt and circling didn't improve, so when she arrived with us we took her straight to our vets for various tests. We were concerned she may have live shunt, which would have been devastating, however her tests all came back normal. The next thing will be for Lizzy to have an MRI to see if there is anything brain related that could be causing the head tilt. Whatever is going on, Lizzy doesn't let it stand in the way of her enjoying life. She is great with other dogs, cats and people, and she loves a cuddle.

8 months

Tizzy has come from her home after her older folks were unable to keep with a young busy collie girl.

Tizzy has been very much loved and
she is a credit to her old home. She is very friendly, VERY busy, extremely intelligent and always on the go. She is great with other dogs, tries to get cats to play with her and she travels very well. She is one smart cookie and she is ready for new adventures.