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Wiccaweys are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs. We are based in beautiful forestry land in North Lincolnshire, just outside the village of Laughton, near Gainsborough. We have a fantastic 10 acre site, specifically secured for Wiccaweys use by GoodHeart Animal Sanctuaries. We are very proud to be a Goodheart Animal Sanctuary

All dogs that come into Wiccaweys as rescues or for rehoming become part of our family. We get to know them and make sure we know the type of home they need. We do not believe in having lots of dogs in foster homes so to keep 'turnover' up. We believe that our foster homes should be for the dogs that need extra help, such as dogs who require a 'hospice' home due to age or on-going health issues. We do not have short term foster homes.

Border Collies do not fend well in traditional rescue kennels where they can be viewed continuously by the public and have a stream of people walking up and down staring at them, and the sight of a BC bouncing of the roof and walls of a kennel can send a prospective new home running in the opposite direction! This is a great shame, because in the right environment, that stir-crazy dog is probably a fantastic dog. This is the reason that Wiccaweys is frequently asked to take collies from other rescues and why our dogs not subjected to people browsing them. Our dogs have access to large grassed enclosures, where they socialise with each other, play, dig, race about or laze around. They have PetzPodz to chill out in if they wish.

We have a dedicated
retirement home for our older residents. This area is fitted with underfloor heating, comfy benches and chairs, HiK9 raised dog beds and piles of vet bedding as well as their own garden and patio area. They even have their own TV and kitchen area for rustling up a cuppa for visiting volunteers and friends!

were the first rescue in the UK to fit out their dog areas with the fantastic and versatile PetzPodz beds. We and the dogs are over the moon with them. If anyone is interested in a PetzPodz for their own dog and would like to see one in person, you are very welcome to come and view one at Wiccs. Also the lovely people at PetzPodz will kindly donate 20% of the purchase price to Wiccaweys if purchasers quote Wiccs1 when ordering!!

Click here for PetzPodz details and website

Here is a little video of the gang in our previous premises coming in from the first fun and games of the day to wait for breakfast to be served. You can see the Podz in their kennels.

All the dogs who come to Wiccaweys receive some basic training, and are crate trained for travelling which makes transition to a new home much easier. Our dogs enjoy lots of group socialising and playtime every day as well as individual time. Our dogs are usually good with other dogs - though of course as with humans, we don't like every other human we meet, so why should be expect dogs to like every other dog they meet. That is just down to personalities.

Wiccaweys dogs are also introduced and socialised with other animals, including cats, horses and livestock; chickens, sheep and goats. We can soon tell people which dogs are going to be good with other animals and which aren't. It all helps for finding dogs the right homes. Wiccaweys is surround by acres and acres of gorgeous forestry and we have our own 10 acre site for walking, socialising and playing.

Dogs like to settle in a safe and enclosed type space to relax. People often comment that their dogs like to sleep behind sofas, against a chair or under a table, or a similar situation. The dog is chosing to sleep in a space that makes them feel comfortable and provides them a feeling of safety, security and protection. Either above them is protected, or behind them is protected and in some cases they are protected on 3 sides. It is a natural instinctive feeling for them. A crate at home can achieve the same thing and feeling, especially if it has a blanket across the top.

Of course, the Border Collie is not the ideal dog for everyone, and one of the greatest myths people have is that they are easily trained. In the right hands, yes a collie will learn quickly - but it also means that a Border Collie will pick up bad habits just as quickly. A bad habit learnt in 5 mins can take up to 6 months to train out again. You have to remember that the Border Collie is a working dog, and they have an instinct to herd. This is stronger in some BC's than others. An unchannelled herding instinct can result in nipping ankles, bicycle, jogger and car chasing, for example. Exercise is nothing to a Border Collie - they were bred to be permanently 'alert' and ready to leap into action at all times. A working Border Collie can run all day, and still be ready to go should his human need him.

* Can you live with a dog who will easily do that lovely 3hr plus walk you take him on, and then chucks a tennis ball or toy at you 5mins after walking in the door?
Border Collies can do the exercise bit with their eyes shut, so to speak - it's the mental stimulation that they need to keep them sane. Can you provide that?
* Can you share your home with the dog that leaps up as soon as you move? "What we doing, where we going, what we doing?" The dog who does exactly the same as soon as you walk through the door? He doesn't know if you have had a hard and tiring day - he needs his body and brain exercising - "Come On, come on - lets go.....lets do stuff.....where's my ball....where's my ball......"
* Can you cope with the destruction that may have been caused because he didn't have enough to keep him occupied while you where away?
* Will your neighbours put up with the howling and barking of a bored collie who has been left all day while you are at work?
* Are you prepared for when the cute little fluffy puppy grows up and turns into a whirling dervish, knocking young children off their feet in his hurry to be doing something?

* Are you prepared for the dog that watches little children not doing what they are told and scattering in all directions and tries to help you by rounding them up with a nip when you get frustrated?

These are quite often the reasons that BC's end up in rescue - that cute little pup has turned into a manic, active dog that needs something to do - he needs to use his brain! If they are not mentally stimulated as well as being exercised, then they will provide their own entertainment - whether that be re-decorating the house or re-designing the fixtures, fittings and furniture, or using that extremely strong herding and nipping instinct on the kids, cat, local jogger or just the nearest moving object..... the list could go on.

Many Border Collies are wrongly accused of being snappy or vicious, when in fact, all they are doing is following their natural instinct to herd. This instinct channelled into something such as obedience, agility or flyball can produce a wonderful friend and loyal, faithful companion.

The main thing to remember is, when you decide to take a Border Collie into your home, you are taking an instinctual Working Dog into your lives - not an easy pet dog.

Above all - ask yourself WHY do you want a Border Collie and ask yourself; what can you offer the dog, not what can the dog offer you?

Believe us, the dogs you see on television on programmes like 'One Man and His Dog' and those on the television coverage of Crufts competing at Obedience, Agiltity and Flyball will be nothing like the dog you will initially be taking into your home. Years of knowledge and patience goes into achieving that kind of rapour, understanding, respect and trust between a person and their Border Collie.

We like to find our dogs homes where they can reach their full potential, and be loved at the same time.
Whilst we are happy for them to go to working homes (agility, flyball, obedience) we want them to go to homes where those activities are carried out for the enjoyment of both the dog and the handler.

We are not interested in homes where the dog is just wanted to provide another rosette on the wall for the handler, and we are not interested in homes where the dog will spend all day sitting in a crate at a show to be allowed out to do their competition, and then put straight back in the crate.

We do not want to hear from homes where negative reinforcement methods will be used for training. We hate the use of check and choke chains, and we totally disagree with, and are against, the use of any type of 'shock' collar.

There is little point in ringing us to enquire about a dog if one of your first questions is going to, "what is the dogs parentage, is there hip displasia PRA or CEA in the line, what is the dogs hip score, are they eye tested, are the puppies likely to be the result of an incesteous relationship...(yes, someone actually asked that) ", or even if you are overly concerned about looks.

These dogs are rescue dogs, most of the time when they arrive, we will have little or no history at all on them. They come with no name, and their age will be an estimate by us and the vet. They come to us from so many different situations. That is why we assess them with a great deal of care, here at Wiccaweys in Lincolnshire. We provide the potential adopter with all the information we have, and the details on the homes needed page will sum up the dogs personality and attitude to life.

The fact of the matter is all the rescue dogs need homes, whether they are big, small, fat, thin, handsome, pretty, ugly, big eared, bold, nervous etc..etc.. Because we carefully assess the dogs as part of the family, we get to know them very well and we know their personalities and what home situation they are going to thrive in. Please do not be offended if you ring up about one dog, and after a long chat with us discussing your family life, situation etc we point you towards another dog with us. We do our best to match the right dog to the right home - if the personalities don't match - what good are good looks anyway?

Rescue dogs are not a 'cheap option', and we endeavour to find them loving active homes where they will be allowed to florish and become the best dog they can possibly be. Loved and respected by the new guardians for the dog they are, and most importantly - be a cherished family member.

We hope that gives you a brief idea of what we do and why we do it, and what we are looking for from a new home for our rescue dogs. If you feel that you would like to offer any of the dogs a home, please contact us for a chat in the first instance. All potential new homes will receive a homecheck and adoptees are required to sign an adoption agreement.

Please note that we not open to the public for browsing. Meeting any dog is strictly by appointment only and will take place following a successful home visit assessment. People who turn up without an appointment will be politely turned away. Full details of our adoption procedures can be found in the HOW TO ADOPT section and the FAQ section.

Wiccaweys Rescue Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs receives no funding, other than the kind donations people give when adopting a dog from us. We are always grateful of any help that people can offer, whether it be time for volunteering, blankets, toys and food, and of course donations to continue our work.

If anyone would like to make a donation towards our work, you can do so by clicking the
MAKE A DONATION button on our intro page, next to Jack and his tennis ball.

We also have a Ways to Help Wiccaweys section, and we would be extremely grateful if you can spare the time to take a look there. We and the dogs love meeting new folks, so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer dog walker, please do get in touch. We have a beautiful environment for folks to spend some time forgetting about the outside world whilst in the company of some fantastic dogs.

Our beloved Grandad Brynn, gone but never forgotten

We have a Facebook page and various BLOGS, which will contain news, gossip and information, including the Letters from Our Dogs Blog so those wonderful people who have already taken a Wiccaweys dog into their lives and homes can share their adventures; we love you to send stories, photographs and updates that we can share them with visitors to the site. There is also a section with details of events that Wiccs will be holding and attending with the Wiccaweys stand. If you can come along and say hello, We would love to see you!

We do hope you enjoy your visit, and that you find it interesting, informative and entertaining. If you have any comments, or would like any further information, or you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address or telephone number shown on the contacts page. If you could, please take time to sign our guest book.

Sarah, Paul and all the Wiccaweys Dogs, Team & Volunteers.

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