Our OAP Residents

We have a dedicated retirement home at Wiccs
affectionately known as HMP Oldies.
Our cheeky older residents will do their best to scam you for tasty treats and wrap you round their paws, don't let the innocent looking grey muzzles and dodery old bodies fool you - they all have their wits about them and know exactly what they are up too!

Fifi - 11 years

This lovely girl is FiFi, and she came to Wiccs in 2010 after her owner passed away. We took a call from a lady about a little collie girl she was fostering who was due to be PTS. FiFi's sad story is that she belonged to an elderly lady in their village. Police had to break into the lady's house and found her deceased. FiFi was found shut in another room with no food or water. She had been there for a few days. FiFi was in a confused and stressed state and was taken from her home on a pole and noose. The lady fostering her knew the elderly lady and offered to take her in.

The lady's relatives dealing with the estate live elsewhere in the country, and they decided it would be better if FiFi was PTS. They had heard their aunt telling her off on the phone and didn't think she should be homed. Their own vet advised that FiFi was PTS. The foster lady was upset about this and asked them to reconsider. Yes, she was stressed when taken out of her home, but she'd settled down and deserved a chance. The foster lady contacted us to see if we could help as FiFi was due to be PTS the next day. We asked her to get the relatives to call us. She did, Paul and the relatives had a long chat and they agreed to sign her over to Wiccs.

So, Fifi came to us. When I first collected her she was very bewildered, confused and upset. She was all teeth and anger. It took us many months to gain her trust. She can be more trusting of women than men. Fifi has obviously seen something upsetting, even traumatising, in the past and also exhibited behaviour of being roughly handled by a man.

Fifi is one of our special girls, we think the world of her and love her to bits. She has a very special relationship with Paul and is devoted to him. She loves other dogs and is a permanent resident.

Judy - 11 years

Judy came to Wiccaweys from Ireland in 2008 where she had been kept in solitary confinement in police kennels for the over a year. She was part of a court case for cruelty issues.

Judy was severely traumatised from her time in the police kennels. She went in at 8 weeks old, and spent all that time in solitary confinement with very little human interaction. As such she found people to be very scarey. She is happy with other dogs around, but strangers were extremely scarey. She needs lots of other dogs around her.

Judy loved her life at Wiccs, so she stayed as a permanent resident.

Gyp - 12 years

Tess - 10 years

Charlie - 13 years

Lucky - 12 years

Shadow - 10 years