Other Animals at Wiccaweys
Meet the rest of the family who are very important members of our assessment, socialisation and training team.

Our Horses
The Wiccaneighs Equine/Canine Socialisation Team

Big Mac Daddy

Meet Mac, affectionately known as Big Mac, or Mac Daddy, or even Big Mac Daddy.

Mac is a glorious chap. He is 19 years old, and has worked very hard. He competed in Dressage at Grand Prix level, and Evented at Advanced level.

All this hard work and competition caused him to have mild arthritic changes in his legs. This meant his competitive career was over, and he was taken to the horse auctions to be sold as he was no longer of any use. Sadly they arrived late for the auctions and most people had drifted away, or had already done their buying and the only person left buying was the Meat Man!! You would have thought after working his arse off for his owner they would have spared him that horrible end and taken him home to find him a loving home with someone who would appreciate him, but no - he was going to be sold there and then!

Thankfully a kind lady was there with her friend and spotted darling Mac, and literally saved his bacon from an early and cruel end. The lady was a riding instructor and she took Mac home to live with her horses and spent 8 months getting to know him, to find out the extent of the changes in his legs and to see what kind of home would be best for him. It soon became apparent to her that Mac still had a hell of a lot to give to people. He loves attention, he is very, very kind and gentle and has manners to die for. He is a real schoolmaster and takes care of whoever is riding him. Their vet gave him a clean bill of health for a happy hacking home, and I was the person lucky enough to be able to bring Mac home.

UPDATE!!! Hmmmmmmm. It seems the kind lady wasn't quite as nice as I was led to believe. It now surfaces that Mac wasn't seen by a vet at all whilst with the lady he came from! He has been since been seen and examined by the Wiccs vet and Equine chiropractor as we weren't happy with how he was moving and how he was in himself, and darling Mac has been diagnoised as totally unrideable! He should never have been advertised or rehomed as rideable. his 'mild arthritic changes' are in fact 'severe, chronic arthritic changes'. Thank goodness he did come here!! I hate to think what would have happened should he have gone to people who wanted to ride more than Mac would have been ridden here, and who might not have got the vets out to him as quickly as us. Mac would have been in agony and someone could have been seriously hurt if a distressed and pained horse decided he'd had enough! People make me VERY angry. After tracking down and contacting the first person on his passport, we found out that Mac had been RETIRED to an equine retirement home 5 YEARS ago!! He'd been diagnoised then with navicular.

We are not sure how long Mac will have with us before we have to make a decision based on his welfare and quality of life. His health is carefully monitored and despite being retired from ridden work, he still feels like he has a job to do as he is our chief dog socialiser - work he takes very importantly. One thing is for sure, whatever time he does have left will be made very happy for him. He will want for nothing. We will not fail him or let him down, Mac has been let down more than enough by people in the past.

Thankfully he has us, and his favourite Auntie Sharon (who he thinks is his own personal slave/groom) to spoil him rotten!

Dudley - the Dastardly!!

Next, we have Dudley, our minature pony.
We handreared Dudley from a week old after he was advertised as an orphan on a Free-ads website. When he arrived, Dudley was a very strange looking little chap, bless him.

We tried to locate a foster mum for him with the help of an equine organisation, however there was no foster mums small enough for him to be found. So it was sleepless nights and lots of work, but he is very much worth it all.

Dudley is an absolute scream - he is cheeky and full of mischief and mayhem. Once he was big enough, our old Shettie Doughnut took him under her wing to teach him horsey etiquette and his manners. Now Mac, Summer and Saffy try to keep him in line - Dudley has other ideas!


This beautiful lady is Summer, she is a Comtois (French Draft Horse) and she joined the family after our darling Lady Tara Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge.. The field didn't feel right without a big chestnut mare keeping an eye on the comings and goings - and by fate Summer and I found each other by chance while I was visiting a friend in Wales.

Summer is a real gentle giant. She has a great sense of humour and is very cheeky and sweet at the same time. She loves attention and fuss and is always grateful of a rub and stroke from visitors - expecially if they have extra strong mints in their pockets.

Her games including making a break for it with the vets bag in her mouth - she likes to be chased round the field by a good looking vet! She also likes to fall asleep on the farrier.

Mac is devoted to Summer and they are like an old married couple, with Dudley as their very mischievous adopted child!!

Our Cats
The Wiccameooow Feline/Canine Socialisation Team


We have several cats at Wiccaweys. Some are semi-feral and spend their days desimating the local rabbit population, or usually just teasing the dogs!

They are all friendly and very nosey, and visitors to Wiccaweys are most likely to bump into a cat or two at some point. They are our catty-doggie socialisation team and like to know what it going on. They tend to throw themselves in front of arriving dogs, and then look at us as if to say, "Yes, Cat Test Passed" or "Nope, I'll be down the field!" They all also have a habit of trying to get into peoples cars, so we have to ask people to check for cats before leaving! They have an uncanny habbit of appearing for lunchtime when the dogwalkers take a break.

Our Goats & Sheep
The Wiccableats Canine Socialisation Team


We have 2 weathered (neutered male) sheep, Jake & Ellwood. They are fantastic! We handreared them and they have really cheeky natures.


We have 2 Pygmy goats. They are a grumpy pair, but do like to talk to people through the fence - someone might have a treat!!
They also like trying out the agility equipment given half the chance and launching escape parties into the horse field so they can play chase with Dudley, Jake and Ellwood.

Our Chickens & Ducks
The Wiccacluckquacks Canine Socialisation Team