*The Only Escape *

by Sarah Carey

In the dark of the shed,
her puppies start to be born.
She's cold and weak,
all alone in the morn.

The pain washes over her,
with each life draining contraction.
No soft bedding or warmth,
to provide a distraction.

She struggles with every birth,
moving each pup to a nipple.
But she's tired and weak,
lack of food means no milk to suckle.

She does what she can,
as her babies whimper and cry.
She cleans and tries to warm them,
as one by one they die.

It's her tenth litter,
and each time she has done her best.
But this time too,
she is claimed for the eternal rest.

She floats away with her puppies,
Taking them to a brighter place.
No more to cower in fear,
from the Evil One's face.

How many more must suffer and die,
like her and her kin.
Before People listen,
and stop letting Puppy Farms win.

Not in her time,
but soon, there must be a change in the law.
So Mothers and Puppies,
will suffer no more.


A poem by
Scarlett (11), Oliver (14) and Alice (8) Heaton
May 2013

When I was little, I was loved and adored,
But as I grew older, I soon got ignored.
Unloved and uncared for, no food and no bed,
No walkies, no water, just beaten instead.
Thrown out with the rubbish, kicked and abused,
Screamed at and lonely, blue and confused.
Picked up by the warden, took to the pound,
Not long left for living, seven days....counting down!
Then on the fifth day, who's this at the door?
The Wiccaweys Rescue, I stare in awe!
They nurse me and love me, and build up my trust,
Ready for rehoming, with a family to fuss.
I now have a bed, I'm loved and adored,
I'm cuddled and cherished, and NEVER ignored!
I've toys a plenty, I love to chase balls,
Ready for walkies, whenever you call!
I'm part of a family, my new name is Jed,
Three children adore me, I'm happy and fed.
My forever home is now here with you,
I really believe that wishes come true!