Very Special Dogs & Sponsor Dogs

The dogs listed in this section have either suffered extreme cruelty, have been rescued from dire circumstances that have seriously affected them, or have a permanent medical condition or special issues, or are of an age that makes it highly unlikey for them to find a home easily. Quite often it will be too complicated to try and explain everything via the website, so full details will be giving to genuine homing enquiries over the telephone.

You can follow their journeys from their rescue up until the time they are ready to find their new home.

Our special dogs need a home as much as the other dogs, however they all need homes that will understand that they require that extra TLC and time putting into them to help them become the wonderful dogs we all know are in there. People interested in offering one of our special dogs may be required to make several visits to get to know them before they are able to go home. Please read their descriptions throughly before calling and don't just look at the photos. Only the very best homes and special people will be considered for our special girls and boys.

All are very happy here at Wiccs and are safe. Obviously these dogs can take a considerable amount of time to rehabilitate before they are ready for rehoming, and sometimes they will never be able to be rehomed. In these cases they will remain with Wiccaweys for life, living out their days as part of our family, safe in a secure, protected and understanding environment where their issues and worries are understood. We love them all very much.

If you would like to make a donation towards their care, or become a regular sponsor for one of the sponsor dogs, we would be very grateful.
Please email: for details on sponsoring a dog.

If you would like to be consider as a new loving home for one of our very special dogs,
please read the How To Adopt page first.

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Wiccaweys is in Northamptonshire.

Please note that Wiccaweys do not have kennels, this is our home and we are not open to the public.
Meeting any dog is strictly by appointment only.

If you are not currently in a position to offer a rescue dog a new home, but would still like to help our work by supporting the dogs on this page, please visit our Online Donation page.

Sponsor Dog

This little lady is Rosie and she has come to Wiccaweys from Rochdale Dog Rescue who saved her on the day she was due to be PTS.

Dear Rosie has had a very tough life. She has been used as a breeding machine, which is blantantly obvious from her extremely saggy tummy and boobies. She doesn't really know about human contact and until she gets to know you she worries. Once she has had a good sniff of you, and if you are steady with your hand she will except a stroke and fuss. When she knows you more, she will climb on your knee, but sudden movements from strangers will panic her. Rosie had obviously never lived in a house before and this she will have to learn from scratch and any adopting home will have to bear this in mind. At the moment she will jump up on tables and work surfaces and run along them. Basically, she trashes the joint!

Rosie is excellent with other dogs and she is good with cats. Once in a car, she travels well.

Rosie needs very patient and understanding people.
We absolutely love her to bits.

Top right pic - Rosie when she arrived.

Pics of Rosie now - she went to Chez Sarah for a haircut!!

"I feel good, dododoododo, I knew that I would, dododoododo!!.... "

Rosie has some health issues, which means she will remain at Wiccaweys

Lenny B
Sponsor Dog

Lenny B came to us from his home, via the Swindon Dog Warden.

What can we say about Lenny - well, he is hilarious!! We don't know what aftershave he wears, but all lady doggies find him irresistable and throw themselves at him!! He has definately got something!! He has a harem of floosies as long as his body that Lenny has pandering to his every whim!

Lenny is great with other dogs and just loves having a good time. He did come into rescue for some behavioural issues that we would be happy to discuss with a potential home, but overall Lenny is a Bassett - stubborn, cheeky, funny and knows what he wants from life - which is basically grub and a pretty dolly bird on his arm! DO NOT let that dour expression fool you - Leonard doesn't do cameras! They might steal his Austin Powers MoJo!


Sponsor Dog

This lovely girl is FiFi, and she has come to Wiccs after her owner passed away.
We took a call from a lady about a little collie girl she was fostering who was due to be PTS. FiFi's sad story is that she belonged to an elderly lady in their village. Police had to break into the lady's house and found her deceased. FiFi was found shut in another room with no food or water. She had been there for a few days. FiFi was in a confused and stressed state and was taken from her home on a pole and noose. The lady fostering her knew the elderly lady and offered to take her in.

The lady's relatives dealing with the estate live elsewhere in the country, and they decided it would be better if FiFi was PTS. They's heard their aunt telling her off on the phone and didn't think she should be homed. Their own vet advised that FiFi was PTS. The foster lady was upset about this and asked them to reconsider. Yes, she was stressed when taken out of her home, but she'd settled down and deserved a chance. The foster lady contacted us to see if we could help as FiFi was due to be PTS the next day. We asked her to get the relatives to call us. She did, Paul and the relatives had a long chat and they agreed to sign her over to Wiccs.

So, the lovely FiFi is now with us.
When I first collected her she was very bewildered, confused and upset. Lovely FiFi has started to settle now, and she gives lovely cuddles and is a very well behaved little lady. She is much more trusting of women than men. She has obviously seen something upsetting, even traumatising, in the past and also exhibits behaviour as if she has been roughly handled by a man.

FiFi will need a calm, adult, collie experienced rural home, with another dog for company. Any potential homes will need to be able to be 'hands off' with her for a long time, and let FiFi make all the first moves. All members of the family will have to take things very slowly so as not to scare FiFi completely.

FiFi is a beautiful girl.She is busy and active and loves other dogs.

She is one of our special girls, we think the world of her and love her to bits. She has a very special relationship with Paul and is devoted to him.

Prince Charming
Sponsor Dog

Prince came to Wiccaweys from the RSPCA.

Prince is a wonderful happy and intelligent boy. He is eager to learn and please. He loves to work for you, and he gives fantastic cuddles! Prince is great with other dogs, but likes to be the Head Boy - unless there is a bossy collie girl about, and then he is quite willing to be her slave!

Prince has obviously been ill-treated by a man in the past, and as such can find men a threat. He doesn't really like strange folks.

Prince is a real charmer with the folks he loves, a real Prince Charming...

Judy Magic Ears
Sponsor Dog

Judy came to Wiccaweys from Ireland where she had been kept in solitary confinement in police kennels for the over a year. She was part of a court case for cruelty.

Judy will need a very special home. She is severely traumatised from her time in the police kennels. She went in at 8 weeks old, and has spent that time in solitary confinement with very little human interaction. As such she is finding people to be very scarey. She is happy with other dogs around, but strangers are extremely scarey. She needs other dogs around her.

Anyone interested in Judy will have to realise from the outset she is a special case, and they will be in for the long haul to help her discover life - and herself.

Judy has made excellent progress and once she is comfortable in an environment she is confident, hopwever new situations and new people are still a big experience for her, and as such anyone wanting to meet her needs to understand they will not have a hearts and flowers moment - as Judy will be very frightened of you, and probably not want to have anything to do with you. Once Judy gets to know someone and trust them, she is more responsive - however she definately needs a home with at least one other dog. Judy is actually a very bossy collie girl, and once in a home will be the Queen Bee amongst the dogs! She is best friends with Cody and Gyp.

Out for a drive with her mates and show off her magic ears!

Teasing Little Dot! Showing her playful side

Sponsor Dog

Cody has come back to Wiccs after many years in his home due to no fault of his own. His adopter's circumstances changed which meant she could no longer provide Cody with the home he was used to, and as always Wiccs were there for him no matter how far down the line.

We think Cody is a wonderful chap. He is happy and eager to please. He is polite and a firm favourite here. Cody ignores cats he knows, and loves a game of kiss chase with Judy here. Cody is best friends with Judy and Gyp. He would prefer a rural home as he is obsessive with traffic - far too messy and needs tidying up! Although Cody is great with people he knows, he doesn't tolerate fools gladly. People have to earn his trust and he is protective of his family.

April 2013
A link to a quick video of Cody, blink and you'll miss him!