Our Sponsor Dogs

Do you want to help rescued dogs live their best lives?
For only £30 (or £2.50 a month), you can do just that.

For our sponsor dogs, Cam and Fifi, life has not always been easy, and their complicated backgrounds mean they cannot be rehomed. However, they have a safe and happy forever home at Wiccaweys, and although they will be staying at Wiccs, they would still love to have a wonderful big family of caring sponsors.

By sponsoring Cam or Fifi, you can help provide nutritious food, a warm home and excellent care for both them and their friends.

As well as the satisfaction of helping to care for your sponsor dog, you'll also receive a fabulous pack containing…

1. a beautiful framed photograph of your new friend

2. a car sticker featuring your chosen sponsor dog

3. a Wiccs badge

4. a sponsorship certificate to make everything official

Our sponsorship packs make fantastic gifts for friends and family of all ages, and are also a great way to treat yourself while doing something worthwhile.

We’ll let the stars of the show take it from here. Click on the Fabulous Miss Fifi or Cam, our Mr Cool to find out more about your new best friend and how you can sign up to sponsor them.

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