Please read the experiences of people who have adopted from us, people we have helped and people who know us personally.
Make up your own mind if we are the rescue for you.

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Thank you so much for taking Bisquit for us and also for such a nice write up about Bisquit
and us on your web site.

It was the hardest thing we have every done I have rescued 5 dogs upto know, 2 were PTS, one for a cancer within the brain and one my first dog that was 15 and his backend gave way and couldn't walk and was in major pain. The 3rd my ex wife still has and the Bisquit and Treacle that I have had to get rehomed. I know none of the above is important but to rescue dogs and try to give them a new home with love and good times is what I've always tried to do. Having to rehome these 2 has broken my heart. I really hope he is being a wonderful dog and hope he gets the new home he deserves and let someone else share his amazing love.

If there is anything me and Fay can ever do please just ask, you have helped us through such a difficult time.

I've seen all the (excuse my French) shit that has gone on in the past and really hope you can prove all the haters wrong and keep offering people and there pets assistance in such a wonder and dedicated way.

Many many thanks

Barney is our first Wiccaweys dog. He is nearly 14 and we adopted him in summer of 2005, we had a 13 year old staffy x at the time and young children that wanted a pal to play ball with. We had wanted a Border Collie for years, waiting until we felt we could be a good home to one, letting the kids grow up a little and having researched the breed. We had called a Border Collie Rescue group to be told, we weren't suitable because we both worked and had given up hope. We knew we could provide a good home to one but having been snubbed, we also felt maybe the breed really is only for very experienced owners and not for people that want a pet first and foremost.

We stumbled across Wiccaweys and made a call, expecting to hear the another no we weren't suitable.
A discussion, a home visit and a meeting was arranged with a suggested dog. It was a relaxed meeting. Fab that they need the whole family and current doggies to attend. Barney didn't appear to want to interact with the oldie - certainly not when there was a number of willing participants to throw a ball, Paul took us into a safe enclosure, dogs off lead and told us to ignore the ball and ignore Barney, forcing him to look for other entertainment. It worked 5 minutes later both dogs enjoying a getting to know you session. Barney was perfect for us, perfect for our children and is a beautiful dog it has been a pleasure to be his pack! Many years later Barney, nearly 14 now and having slowed down we began thinking of what to do when the inevitable comes. Do we wait to get another one, would it be really bad if we picked one now, would he be upset, its another dog out of rescue. Following months of do we, dont we, it's going to be difficult to find the 'right' dog. One call to Wiccaweys asking advise and having heard the advice, 'the decision will be Barneys - let him pick his companion a visit was booked'.

We arrived and were greeted by Paul and Sarah a fuss of Barney and off he pottered to sniff. After a chat, our concerns aired off we went to meet a couple of dogs. We needed a quiet dog who wouldn't be in Barneys face, who would let him snooze, no squabbling, Barney was our first concern. Two dogs were suggested and their history given to us, a puppy was also introduced but we felt we couldn't offer such a young dog the best life and in our hearts we wanted to give an older dog a forever home. So how to choose between two. It is so difficult. Both had been fine with Barney, both fine with us but one stood out and appeared to pick us. Such a difficult decision to make. This is where Paul and Sarah were brilliant, there was no pressure at all for us even to pick. It wasn't about moving the dogs on, the money or making room for another it was about the right dog going to the right home for all concerned. We were told we could sleep on our decision, not have to take either, speak up if we picked and then realised we had picked wrong. So matter of fact when we were in turmoil. Deep down I think they knew who would be the 'right' dog but there was no leading us, hinting to us. They completely allowed us to make the 'right' decision. They allowed us time to reach that decision when their lives are so busy caring for these dogs. To both of you thank you so much for letting us adopt another of your special dogs. So Sammy came to live with us about 6 weeks ago now. He is perfect for us and I sincerely hope we are perfect for him! judging by how he settled in I think so :-)

Sammy has no doubt improved Barneys life too. The first week for Sam must have been stressful, after our evening walk he would lie down and Barney would nudge him to get up and interact, the 14 year old trying to get the younger dog on his feet! Yes the first 24 hours were awkward, we expected the first month to be difficult. The dogs were re-introduced on neutral ground as per Wiccaweys suggestion and walked together, before Sammy was allowed into the house and there was a lot of grumbling from Barney, as he is nearly deaf I'm not sure he knew what he was doing but we could hear and Sam could here and thought it was very bad manners! The Saturday afternoon they were mainly in the house on their leads, the Sunday morning on and off leads, off while they were relaxed, on if there was any indication of a confrontation. Sunday afternoon they both ventured in the garden, I jumped up expecting the worst, to see them both having a good sniff of each other, tails wagging and Barney following Sam like he was a god. Job done ! We had only really had another dog in the house on two other occasions - friends visiting - what a fabulous achievement for Barney to be so tolerant.

So four rescue dogs in total and four success stories. These dogs need these people looking out for them. Matching them with the right families, meeting the whole family and existing family dogs. Their dogs are so important to them that it is an honor and a privilege to be a Wiccs adopter.

Anyone thinking of having an older rescue dog - do it! There are so many in rescue all over the country all they want is a loving forever home. One dog never replaces another they are all individuals, they were all cute puppies once and they all deserve their own families xx

Karen Hicky

In 1994 I adopted my first border collie from a lady rescuing them in the Cambridgeshire Fens.
He was 4 years old and called Purple. I loved him to bits. In 2007 Purple’s health started failing at the age of 16/17 and I knew the best thing I could do was to take on another rescue collie and give them the same loving home that Purple had.

After a search on the internet I found Wiccaweys, based near Wellingborough. I phoned them up, answered the questions about myself, lifestyle, current pets etc. Within a few days I was home checked by a volunteer and then Purple and I arranged to visit Wiccaweys. We turned up, Purple, by this time deaf and blind, got out of the car and immediately Sarah and Paul’s cheerful voices were greeting Purple and then me. The way they were towards Purple meant a lot to me and I realised these were ‘real’ people around dogs.

Purple and I met a couple of potential collies, then we met an 18 month very scared little girl called Zoe.
Paul had to carry her out and then she crawled towards a wall and just lay on her belly, very scared. She was beautiful. After further discussions with Sarah and Paul they suggested I should go home and think things through as Zoe would be a challenge but they would always be there to support me. Purple and I went home and returned the following day. After lots of sensible and realistic advice from Sarah and Paul, Zoe went home with me that afternoon. Unfortunately, Purple passed away from old age late 2007.

In my first few months with Zoe I often visited Wiccs for tips and advice, the knowledge of Sarah and Paul was unbelievable. Also, the way they had ‘read’ me and paired Zoe and I together. Zoe and I totally gelled.
I carried out a few home checks, under the guidance of Sarah and Paul and on the odd weekend joined other volunteers to walk the dogs in their care.
In 2008 I took on another scared little dog from Wiccs called Bonnie, a middle aged lady.

June 2015, my lovely collie, Zoe, had to be put to sleep as she had cancer that was untreatable.
She was under 10 years, too young to go. I was devastated.
I still had Bonnie, by now approx 15 years but wanted to give another rescued collie a home in Zoe’s memory.
I phoned up Wiccaweys and Paul answered. That afternoon Bonnie and I visited Wiccaweys.
Sarah was ‘bubbling’ over Bonnie, having not seen her for some years, with her camera working overtime.

Everything at Wiccaweys is for the dogs – nothing had changed since my first visit in 2007,
Sarah and Paul were still full of belief, energy and enthusiasm for
rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming border collies (and the odd other breed).

The way a troubled dog comes in to their care and changes in such a short space of time to a relaxed and happy dog is unbelievable. I have seen a dog handed over to them by its owner, pent up, Paul takes the lead and spends minutes just standing or sitting with it and the dog’s attitude literally changes in front of your eyes. Amazing.

Needless to say, they have once again matched me up with a collie that I have immediately gelled with, 15 months old, called Sheena. Sarah drives all over the country collecting collies that need their help, those collies are lucky dogs to end up in the care of Wiccaweys and Sarah and Paul. What they do for border collies and the time they give is unbelievable. They are a rescue centre with a difference.
They are real people, they understand the dogs and the people that go to them.
Truly amazing people.
Thank you Wiccaweys and your volunteers.


It is an enormous pleasure to write a testimonial for the wonderful Wiccaweys Collie Dog Rescue, whose impressive work I have witnessed first hand over the last 4 years, both as a client and as a volunteer walker and home visitor.

I first became involved with Wiccaweys 4 years ago, when I was struggling with Sophie, a young rescued WSD (not adopted from Wiccaweys, but another local dog charity), who was very nervous and reactive with other dogs, and I was finding her behaviour difficult and challenging. In my search for help with Sophie, I came across Wiccaweys and booked a session with Paul and Sarah to help understand her behaviour and progress with her problems. In this session I was given many insights into the world from my young dog’s point of view, and holistic ways to move forward that embraced diet, exercise, brain games, socialization etc.

I was immediately impressed by Paul and Sarah’s obvious knowledge and experience, their calm dog centred approach, and the positive way my dog responded to them. I was given hope and encouragement and the additional practical support of being invited to come and socialize my dog with the Wiccs dogs whenever I wanted. Hence I became a volunteer dog walker and have made great strides with my dog under the guidance and with the support of Paul and Sarah. They have always been there for us, encouraging, celebrating, listening and helping to find solutions when needed. Their interest does not fade. Their support is long term.

I always look forward to visiting Wiccaweys. Their dogs thrive and are happy in this highly informed and dog centered rescue. They create a relaxed, canine kingdom where much healing and rehabilitation takes place, and while they wait for appropriate adoption, the dogs have stimulation, love, care and attention. Wiccaweys dogs are rehomed with the utmost care - preliminary conversations with Sarah and Paul, followed by home visits carried out by volunteers who go through a detailed format of information gathering, which is then used to try and effectively match prospective dogs to prospective adopters. Once adopted the Wiccaweys dogs have a fail safe of being returned to Wiccs, should things not work out. Paul and Sarah's commitment to their dogs past and present is uncompromising and they will travel the length of the country if necessary to bring back dogs where adoptions have ended. Their care is unfailing.

Wiccaweys is a hospitable and sociable place, where visitors are made very welcome, and where happy fundraising events are held and greatly enjoyed by two and four legged creatures alike. Sophie adores Paul and Sarah and has spent some holiday time with them - there are very few others that I would trust to care for her, understand her and meet her particular special needs. when we go away. She has made many canine friends there, building her confidence and reframing her attitude. She loves visiting and dashes in to greet her friends when we go, and when I fetch her after a break, although she is pleased to see us, she is slightly reluctant to leave the full on fun and games!

Wiccaweys operate exemplary practice in canine collie care and rescue, and Paul and Sarah have my utmost admiration and grateful thanks for the amazing and effective work they unrelentingly and devotedly carry out on behalf of dogs in need, day after day after day. They are inspirational and very special people indeed.

Ros Kinloch

If we’re lucky in our life, we get to share our time with great dogs. If we’re REALLY lucky, we get that one exceptional dog. London is that dog. His mother had been discarded and had her litter in the wild in Ireland. They were all brought to Wiccaweys, and London was part of that litter.

When life circumstances changed—we divorced and I moved the United States—and my ex-wife’s job became more demanding, she reached out to Wiccaweys. They took London back and found him a great home—and I’m lucky to be able to keep up with his antics!

Wiccaweys is quite simply the best. I still feel like I’m part of the family, and I get to see the great work they do. Sometimes it’s heart-breaking work, but everything they do is out of love for these dogs.
I can’t speak highly enough of Wiccaweys.

Cameron Tilbury
Nashville, Tennessee

We first met Sarah and Paul when we attended the Christmas walk in December 2014.
We were given the warmest welcome and had a wonderful day with all the dogs and their owners.
This experience prompted us to want to get involved on a more regular basis with Wiccaweys to help out in any small way we could. As a result we now go dog walking on a fortnightly basis, do home checks and have also collected a couple of dogs and brought them in to the rescue.

Wiccaweys has a very special feel about it that is a result of the way the dogs are cared for and nurtured, no matter how long it takes. Just take one look at the Wiccaweys residents; you can see how happy and relaxed they are and you just know what a marvellous job is being done for them.

Wiccaweys is a truly wonderful place, re-homing dogs to give them a second chance at life with their new families. It's a privilege for us to have the opportunity to be involved with such caring and knowledgeable people.

Barbara & Gary Mayes

We have adopted three dogs from Wiccaweys; each one completely different incharacter, needs and energy.
When we first approached Paul and Sarah we realised straight away they were completely genuine and dedicated to the dogs'welfare.

Each time we have been to see them they have helped support and guideus to the right dog for us, following questioning about our circumstances andexperience of dog ownership. I am always amazed at their upbeat and positiveattitude despite having to deal with hard decisions and difficult people.

Wiccaweys is an amazing charity for needy collies( and some others).
They care 100% about the dogs in their responsibility. Sometimes that means turning away unsuitable owners. However, they have and are doing a fantastic job and I hope they will continue to have the support from past and present owners and the local community to enable them to thrive and help these beautiful

Tricia Hayden

We found Wiccaweys' rehoming procedure rightly very thorough, but also pleasingly quick and seamless. After completing both telephone and face to face interviews, including a home check, we were invited to the premises to meet our prospective “Match”.

Paul and Sarah are very knowledgeable about the dogs in their care, and ask all the right questions when ensuring their new home is suitable for them, as well as offering follow up support.

Our chosen boy was perfect for us in every way, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Wiccaweys to anyone looking to rehome a dog.

Charlie and Katrina, Bedfordshire

What can I say about Wiccaweys??
Family comes to mind. They are there from beginning to the end and beyond.
When I was lucky enough to be chosen to adopt my girl
I was struck by how I was made to feel welcome and given their phone number to get in touch anytime .
Of late I think have I texted that number many times, Only a phone call or text away.
They are there through bad times over the years and they are there when you precious dog passes away.
I know that I must have driven them mad with my grief but they were always there for me no time limit on my grief. Believe me I did grieve and am greatful for having someone to listen to and understand.
Sheba my beautiful girl was so lucky that Wiccaweys chose to take her in, then chose me to be her mum.
When I am ready again to love another GSD
A collie rescue taking in a GSD??
Well there is always room at the inn at Wiccaweys for other waifs and strays.


Now got my second Border Collie from Wiccaweys.
Both times Sarah and Paul have been very supportive and you can tell how much they
love and care for the dogs by the condition you pick them up in.
It's great to see a couple with such dedication to the welfare of Collies, long may it continue.

Amanda Musgrove

We adopted a dog from Sarah and Paul four years ago now, who came over from Ireland.
Sarah and Paul were very honest about his hang ups, mainly cats, which forewarned us.
As the dogs live in the home environment these sort of problems are found out before adoption, different to most rehoming centres. We found Sarah and Paul very patient when deciding on adoption and were more concerned we made the right decision then pushing any dog onto us.

We go to some of Wiccaweys walks and find that the dogs all love them dearly, even the rehomed ones are always pleased to see them. They do a wonderful job especially with abused dogs and it's a pleasure to follow them on the website as they work with traumatised dogs and see the dogs gradually find wonderful homes.

Yvonne Bowen

We took home JAX, a 7 month old Border Collie.
We would like to say that the adoption process was absolutely fantastic.
The home visit from Terese and Roz was excellent. The follow up from Paul and Sarah was first class.
We visited them on 2 occasions before collecting JAX our new friend on the third visit.
Each time we visited we were not rushed - we spent as much time as we needed there.
We were fortunate that JAX was available and seems to be (at this early stage) a perfect match, so everything went very smoothly. Most important to us was the consideration of our regular visitors to our house of our 2 and 4 year old grandsons - this was a top consideration of Sarah and Paul also.
We have had a week of pure education on dog ownership - although we are very experienced - we were so impressed with the care and knowledge at Wiccaweys.
Big licks from JAX!

Andrew Butler

Pre 2015 Testimonials

I adopted a collie from Wiccaweys 2 years ago and found Paul and Sarah to be to be excellent people who placed the interests and well being of the dogs above everything else.

On expressing an interest in adopting a collie we had a home visit arranged to see if we were suitable, then drove to Wiccaweys to see if any of the dogs were suitable for us. In this process I always felt that the most important thing was the future of the dog.

Yours Faithfully,

Matt Carter


Dear Sir/Madam

I was extremely shocked to hear of allegations made against Wiccaweys. Over a number of years I have adopted three different dogs - the last from Wiccaweys. I have to say they were by far the most rigorous in matching dog to adopter. The home visit was thorough but reassuring with searching questions mixed with some good ideas and suggestions.

Our visit to Wiccaweys was welcoming with no pressure to adopt a particular dog or indeed any dog at all. We were encouraged to spend time with the dogs and take them out for walks with our other dog to see how we all got on as a family. As with many people, we went with preconceived ideas as to the sort of dog we wanted. However we came away with the absolute best dog for us but nothing like the type of dog we went for!

Our dog, Bonnie, settled in well. Bonnie and I spent a lovely day at Wiccaweys doing Rally O training as a result of which Bonnie gained her first qualifying certificate soon after! We also spent a super day at the Wiccaweys fun dog show meeting lots of other Wiccaweys dogs, adopters and dog walkers. The number of people attending with their adopted dogs is testament to the loyalty and support of those privileged to have a Wiccaweys dog.

Wiccaweys doesn't have concrete dog runs where dogs can be viewed like animals in a zoo. The dogs mingle in the yard, go endless walks with the dog walkers and mix with visitors, volunteers and the cats. The dogs are well fed and cared for and everyone of them very much loved. Okay so there may be a bit of mud when it's raining but this doesn't bother the dogs and wouldn't bother a genuine dog lover.

Wiccaweys has earned the respect and love of many people for the work they do in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming rejected dogs and bringing so much joy to people like us who enjoy the company and confidence of our own Wiccaweys superstar.

Yours sincerely


To whom it might concern
Over the last four years I have had dealings with the above border collie dog rescue.

This began when after the death of my 18yr old collie I wished to adopt another collie but was very concerned that the dogs came from a rescue who had competence in rehoming the breed. Post much research I decided on Wiccaweys and was not disappointed.

Post home checks on the day I went to the centre the experience and outcome was everything I would have hoped for. My family and I spent five hours at the centre reviewing information we had previously been asked to provide regarding our lifestyle, expectations etc so as to ensure the right dog was placed in our care for what we could offer.

The customer service we received was excellent. The knowledge and understanding of Sarah and Paul meant that the first dog they felt we met the needs of was the dog we adopted. Throughout the process, whilst willing to spend hours with us, they never, for the benefit of the dogs in their care paraded them in front of us. We spent time with Finn and were never rushed or pushed into a decision but encourage to think and allowed time to experience Finn before adopting him. Full background details were provided, advice on care, diet and very explicit explanation of the terms and conditions of the adoption - all of which were connected with the welfare of the dog - were thoroughly went through. We went home delighted and remain so.

After 6 months we decided we wanted another dog and it was natural to us to return to Wiccaweys. This time the whole concentration was about the right dog to suit Finn. This time a whole day was spent ensuring We got the right dog for Finn. Never rushed, both although so obviously busy spent hours with us. We came home with Shep.

Whilst there an abused dog arrived at Wiccaweys sanctuary. The sensitivity and true emotion with which Sarah welcomed and handled her was heart rendering to see - it made one feel very humble.

Shep had some behavioural issues around other dogs. I contacted Wiccaweys and received support both by email and on the phone. We were encouraged to bring the boys back to Wiccaweys for the day so Sarah and Paul could observe Sheps behaviour and provide more specific advice. Sarah and Paul spent the whole day with us without charge, advising and offering help which was positive and accurate.

Whilst living quite a distance away it is not possible for me to offer volunteer work to them - I would gladly do so were I nearer. I avidly follow their website and the wonderful work they do in rescuing, understanding and rehoming their dogs.

I would recommend them to everyone. Their selfless way of life and hard work to allow these dogs to have a chance of a good life is something which should be applauded

Kind regards
Karen Silcox

I adopted my beautiful, happy, healthy Border Collie from Wiccaweys in March 2012, having just lost our other BC at the age of 12 years. We were desperately sad without him and definitely wanted another BC. I found the Wiccaweys site, amongst others, and was immediately impressed with their depth of knowledge and attention to detail in the information about the breed; clearly experts in their field. Each dog was described in terms of its character, likes and dislikes, which indicated that they knew the dog well enough to match the dog effectively to the circumstances of a potential adopter. I also realised that there was no address – therefore avoiding anyone ‘going shopping’ for a dog. Sadly, this was not the same when I called an RSPCA centre, who told me they would be getting some BC’s at the weekend, they did not know their background/age/sex, but I should arrive early as it would be “first come first served”. I was horrified.

So I called Wiccaweys, Paul called me back, checked I had read the information about adopting a dog, and then spoke at length about my circumstances, experience and requirements. The following day we were ‘vetted’ by a very dedicated representative. I also had to complete a lengthy adoption questionnaire to the satisfaction of Wiccaweys. Many of the questions were centred around dealing with difficult behaviour and it was clear that they believe in rewarding good behaviour rather than punishing bad. Thankfully we ‘passed’ the process and could choose to see up to three dogs featured on the website. On meeting both Sarah and Paul it was obvious that they were dedicated to their work, and unsurprisingly the dogs they suggested were the same ones I had chosen, but Pepper and I bonded immediately. On the day I collected Pepper she had just been to the vet for her vaccinations, Sarah and I had a lengthy discussion about adoption, responsibilities, health, food, behaviour, training and ongoing support, we completed the paperwork, and were on our way.

Since that time I have regularly been in touch to provide updates on Pepper, and I also went to their show last year. I remember that Paul and Sarah were sitting greeting all the dogs and owners, and I could hardly hold Pepper back when she saw them – she almost dragged me over! I chatted to many people on the day and everyone was very impressed by Sarah and Paul and the work they did at Wiccaweys in caring for the dogs and accurately matching them with their adoptive homes, together with the support they provided in helping with any problems.

I am in no doubt whatsoever that Sarah, Paul, and their helpers, many of whom I met at the show, are caring for their dogs with kindness, understanding and complete dedication, with the health and welfare of animals at the centre of everything they do.

Yours sincerely,
Marianne Murphy

My experience of your collie rehoming scheme was excellent. We were looking for our first dog and as we spend a lot of time running thought we would be able to offer a great home to a young active collie. Following an hour long rehoming assessment we looked on the website at the typical young active small collies with longing. However when Paul rang he advised a young large collie advising us due to his size he would be more relaxed and less demanding. We were not convinced but made the trip to Wiccaweys, 5 of us in a mini clubman thinking he would be unsuitable and we'd pick another. However Ozzy ran up to us and decided he was for us! We knew you were the experts so decided to adopt him. We were further convinced having been introduced to one of the collies we had an eye on who would have been completely unsuitable. We have had him for 6 years now and he is at the heart of our family. We have spent time and effort training him but he was entirely the right choice for us. For this family Wiccaways provided the ideal dog through their knowledge and skill in matching dog with people. We always planned to get further dogs from Wiccaweys and wish you luck. x
Liz Hopley

When my husband and I lost our Billie a collie cross bitch at the ripe old age of 15 we were bereft and although we wanted to respect her memory we knew that we could not live without a dog and, preferably, a collie cross once more. We contacted Wiccaweys and now have ‘Gabe’ an abbreviation of the name (Gabriel) that was given to him by Wiccaweys on account of his angelic nature.

1. The dog himself:: He came to us in excellent condition. Admittedly he was only seven months old but, given that he had spent time as a stray in Ireland, had none of the idiosyncrasies often associated with strays. He was clean and although Wiccaweys had told us that they could not guarantee that he would be house-trained, he was. Gabe was – and is – so well adjusted, happy and healthy that he could not have had anything but the best experience and care during the months spent with Wiccaweys. Our vet, Jamin Patel at Barnfield House, Harrow, was amazed at both the condition and the demeanour of the dog. He actually said that for a dog to come out of a rescue centre with such a healthy cv; and extensive tests were carried out on Gabe to make sure that he had no underlying, not easily identifiable, problems, was amazing…..but then Wiccaweys in our opinion is amazing.

2. The way in which our enquiry was handled: Wiccaweys told us that we would be inspected prior to any consideration being to our request to have a dog from them. As I was a voluntary home checker for The Mayhew Home for seven years this impressed me and so did the lady who came to speak to us. She brought with her own dog who was a Wiccaweys rescue dog and her visit was much more than an inspection. We were thoroughly and extensively interviewed. We explained how we had been dog owners for 30 years and she wanted to know the history of our dog ownership. To support our claims about the ages and health of the dogs that we had owned, we offered Mr. Patel as a point of reference and we have no reason to believe that this was not followed up.

3. Our visit to Wiccaweys: Not only were we asked to attend their premises but we were asked to bring our daughter, son-in-law and their dog who were, at the time living with us. Their dog is a Jack Russell cross and is very small and, therefore, cautious about meeting other dogs. Freddie loved Gabe on sight and their Behaviour together was observed before we were told that Freddie was considered a suitable dog to welcome another one into his world. The two continue to adore each other despite the little and large nature of their respective physical appearances. We were asked to take Gabe for a walk and the way in which he handled us and we handled him was observed. Gabe was our first choice from their website but we were offered the chance to meet another dog, Jack, that might have been suited to us. Having met Gabe and experienced a love at first sight sensation that seemed to be mutual, we declined to meet another dog as we might not have been able to choose.

4. The Procedure: We were given documentation to read and left quietly to do so. We were then invited to ask any questions about what we had read. Other, finer points that we had not thought of were clarified. We had been told that there would be a sort of donation before the procedure got under way. Whilst we were asked if we wanted to donate anything more, we were not pressurised to do so but make an annual contribution from Gabe. We did so previously to the Dogs’ Trust, from where Billie and her ‘house brother’ Ben had come.

5. General Comments: Having seen many rescue centres in our time, including a quarantine centre as we shipped a dog back from Rhodes in about 1900 (another love at first sight occasion), we felt that Wiccaweys offered a lovely environment for the dogs in their care. All of the dogs seemed comfortable with all of the people they encountered and were obviously cared for extremely well in addition to being handled and treated lovingly. There is no way the relaxed and happy demeanour of these dogs was not genuine. We decided that they were very lucky animals – and so were the cats who were at home there – just as we had been to find them. We hope our Gabe lives for a very long time but if we needed another dog or anyone were to ask us for a recommendation about where to find a rescue dog, we would strongly recommend a visit to Wiccaweys.


Carole & Reg Edward

We adopted a collie cross puppy in November 2012. I had initially been directed to Wiccaweys by another collie rescue charity and I rang them to enquire about the possibility of adopting a puppy/young dog from them. I had an initial conversation with Sarah lasting at least 30 minutes in which she questioned me about our previous experience with collie dogs, our life style and home environment and the people that lived in our house.

Following this a home check was organised (even though we live in the North East of England, a 4 hour drive from Wiccaweys). The check lasted an hour or so and the volunteer who came questioned us further on our life style and looked around our house and garden, making sure both were suitable. She also took us through the adoption process that Wiccaweys follow and chatted about some dog training strategies, asking us what we would do in certain situations. We filled in a lengthy questionnaire regarding our working hours, hobbies and training techniques and answered questions on how we would deal with different collie-typical problems. Following this home check Paul rang and talked through some aspects of the questionnaire and generally chatted about the sort of dog we felt we could rehome. This conversation also lasted at least 30 minutes. He then invited us down to Wiccaweys at a time convenient to both us and them, stipulating that all family members living in the house should attend. We therefore feel that Wiccaweys employs a detailed and thorough screening program before even considering a family suitable to adopt a dog.

On arriving at Wiccaweys we were introduced to a young collie bitch who was calm, friendly, clean and in good condition. We took her for a walk and then spent time with her in a large comfortable indoor area where we could get to know her and her us a little better. Our visit coincided with that of another family with younger children. Sarah and Paul clearly had strong reservations about the suitability of this family for the very young puppy they were visiting and suggested they left and reconsidered a slightly older dog over the next few days before returning. Sarah and Paul were not prepared to let the puppy go to an unsuitable home.

The younger puppy (also clean, friendly and in excellent condition) then latched itself onto my daughters and we then had to make the very difficult decision which dog to rehome. Sarah and Paul allowed us plenty of time and space to consider this as a family. We considered rehoming both dogs and Sarah and Paul were happy for us to do this and talked us through the pros and cons of taking 2 dogs rather than 1 but in no way pressurised to take both. We eventually decided on the younger puppy after a visit which lasted over 4 hours.

We filled in a detailed adoption certificate, agreeing to many criteria which ensured that all adopted dogs are treated well in their new homes. We were sent home with a 'lunch box' of the puppy's usual food for the first few days.

Over the first few weeks and months the puppy, now Meggie, settled well into our family. We had a few problems with her sleeping and trying to chase cars when out walking. I rang Wiccaweys and spoke to both Sarah and Paul about these problems. They offered plenty of very helpful advise and asked me to ring back to let them know how things were going over the next week or 2. Happily both problems were resolved following the sound advise they gave us.

In conclusion, both myself and my husband feel that Wiccaweys are a very collie-knowledgeable organisation, with a thorough rehoming process and the dogs which we met during our visit were healthy and clean. Indeed, despite an 8 hour round trip, if we were to consider rehoming a second dog in the future when Meggie is slightly older we would definitely return to Wiccaweys.

Yours sincerely

Dr Helen M Harper

I am an experienced dog owner, having kept Border Collies for over 20 years, always adopting rescue dogs. I learnt about Wiccaweys through the Internet and when the time came to adopt a new dog I made telephone contact. From the onset Paul and Sarah took great care to learn about my circumstances, level of knowledge and what I was looking for in a dog. An extensive home check was then conducted, including a survey of my property/garden plus a series of questions to ascertain my levl of dog knowledge and experience. This initial encounter was far more extensive than any checks carried out by other rescues that I had used, and I was impressed.

After about 4 weeks I was contacted by Paul to say that they had a dog who sounded to meet my needs and could I travel to Wiccaweys to meet and greet, taking my other dog as well. On this visit great care was taken by Paul during the dog introduction to assess the behaviour of the two dogs, and I was allowed as much time as I needed to assess and bond with the proposed adoptee. During this visit I had the opportunity to view the whole of the rescue centre, finding the conditions clean and spacious and the dogs happy and relaxed. I was greatly impressed with the level of care and personal attention that Sarah, Paul and the helpers showed towards the dogs in their care.

I decided to adopt the dog, named Orson, and was given copious amounts of advice and the offer of additional help and support if required. Unfortunately, within 2 days of adopting orson he began to display aggression towards my elderly collie bitch, and I contacted Wiccaweys for additional advice. Paul and Sarah were incredibly supportive, providing expert advice over a 5 day period, but unfortunately Orson and my elderly collie could not live together. It was with deep regret that I had to return Orson to Wiccaweys, but he was subsequently re-homed.

My relationship with Wiccaweys continued, and 2 months later I was again contacted by Paul, regarding a young collie bitch which was being brought over from Ireland. I was especially impressed with the fact that Paul stressed that although they had "good reports" from the Irish Rescue, Wiccaweys wanted to assess the dog themselves before introducing me to her. A week later I again travelled to Wiccaweys and met Reeba, who has now been with me for 5 years.

Throughout my relationship with Wiccaweys I have been impressed with the level of care and expertise shown by Sarah, Paul and their helpers, and on my visits to Wiccaweys I could not fault the care and attention shown to the dogs. I would admit that the dogs were not housed in "clinical" pens, rather they had freedom and space to be dogs. The dogs looked well cared for, and above all else time was taken to get to know the dogs and show them great care and affection.

Yours Faithfully

Alison Wilken

My Mother-in-Law passed away on 27th February 2013 and she left behind her beloved Border Collie Shep a very active 11 year old.

Unfortunately none of the family could offer him a home. We contacted Wiccaweys and they were so very kind in agreeing to "queue jump" Shep due to his sad circumstances.

I cannot say enough positive and wonderful things about Wiccaweys as they have found Shep a lovely new home totally suitable to his needs.

They kept me informed of how he had settled in with them and how they thought he was totally suitable to be rehomed and any questions or updates on Shep were answered by return.

The day we left Shep in there care was very emotional but I never once thought for one minute had any regrets about leaving him in their care.

Sarah and Paul are passionate about the dogs and other animals they look after and really care about all of them.Would not ever hesitate to contact them for any advice or for just a catch up at any time.Their help and understanding of the Border Collie breed was invaluable to us at a very sad time.

Yours faithfully,

Linda Wood.


I am writing to advise you that I am one of the lucky people who adopted a dog from Wiccaweys in Northampton. I say lucky, because the animal that they recommended to us, a red border collie called Sophie was absolutely perfect for my family (my husband, my then 10 year old daughter and me) and my other animals (we have several cats) – and I say adopted because in our experience the animals that they care are more precious to them than many humans.

We first met Wiccaweys in November 2008. We called and said that we were not dog owners, but both my husband and I had grown up with them. After an interview with one of their supporters, during which she also vetted our house and garden, we were invited to come on the 31st December 2008 (a very cold day!) and see some of the dogs that they considered suitable for us. We only really met three dogs that day, each one was given a short time with us, supervised by both Sarah and Paul, during which we mostly made our decision. It was on the way home as we chatted we finally decided, and my husband and daughter picked up Sophie that Friday. At no time were we pressed to take a dog, and in fact I got the distinct impression that we were being ‘matched’ with the animal, and that their needs took priority.

Sophie had recently been spayed, and she had some evidence of having had puppies. They thought she was about five years old, and she had no medical problems. She did, and still does have some behavioural problems, which usually manifest itself in a bit of destruction if left alone, and she did have a bit of a stressed out tummy which took a few weeks to sort out, but during all of this Paul and Sarah supported us with advice on the phone. I still wouldn’t hesitate to call them if I needed to, and I know that they would assist me in any way they could. I feel a Wiccaweys dog is always a Wiccaweys dog, and knowing that is very comforting.

I am regular to their website, not to find another dog, but often to remind myself (usually when I need a boost) that there are such good people that do such amazing work for such little return. I don’t know the nature of your interest in Wiccaweys, but I can tell you that I support them entirely and am happy to chat with anyone about my experience with them.

I have now got six cats, all but one of them is from the RSPCA (Southall branch), and obviously my girl Sophie from Wiccaweys.


Julie Rutley

I have known Sarah and Paul for a number of years,and in this time they have helped me tremendously, I stumbled across their website, whilst desperately looking for somewhere to send a collie, that had been treated terribly.

I work as a dogwarden in the Basingstoke and Deane area and find it increasingly difficult to place stray dogs that come into my care, it is becoming a neverending battle, but Wiccaweys have helped with every collie I have requested them to, without questioning it what so ever.

In my time working as a dogwarden I have come across some very sad traumatised collies, a collie that had been shot, another that had been not only starved of food but also love and affection,and beaten severly, so not very trusting of anybody.

Sarah and Paul have done miracles with these dogs, and they are now settled in lovely new homes, this actually brings tears to my eyes, I would never ever of handed them to anyother rescue, they would have been PTS immediately and never given the chance of life in the home they deserved!!!!!!

I can't thank Wiccaweys enough, no words would ever descibe how I feel about it and the lovely people that devote their time to this rescue.

Thank you both and all of your volunteers, for all your hard work you all put into Wiccaweys and the collies that come into your care. These collies are the LUCKY ones.

Thanks again

Laura xxx
Basingstoke & Deane Dog Warden


Hi Sarah

I am Laura’s boss at the council and I was so moved by the pictures of Evie that I had to just drop you a line. I met Evie in the kennels both before and after she had started to trust people and was really concerned that she would go to a place that understood the reasons for her behaviour. Laura assured me that you would be the right people to do that. Just want to say how grateful we are that there are places like Wiccaweys and people like you.

Thanks so much

Claire Harper
Head of Environmental Care
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

As a collie-nut and member of Limerick Animal Welfare, I cannot describe how grateful I am to Sarah and the Wiccaweys crew.

There are precious few appropriate homes in this city for even well-adjusted, healthy collies, not to mind the collies that have behavioural problems because they haven't been socialised or have been cruelly treated. A deaf dog equally has only a very slim chance of being successfully rehomed locally. There's practically zero public appreciation for collies as pets. We really do face an enormous challenge.

Wiccaweys truly is a vital lifeline for Irish collies. I am doing my utmost here to press the case for collies, but there are far more collies in rescue than there are suitable homes.

There have been times when Sarah has offered to take a dog, that I've cried tears of relief - Wiccaweys really is that important.

Limerick Animal Welfare

Having come across Wiccaweys on the internet, and never heard of them before that, it would be easy to think that the people there are not for real - you know, REAL rescue homes are known in the national press, like WoodGreen and the RSPCA. However, that sort of view couldn't be further from the truth.

Sarah and Paul's level of understanding of Border Collies with problems is unparalleled - they have rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed so many collies, and yet still retain their sense of humour and their down-to-earth-ness.

Previously I have encountered some rescue folks who either don't seem to know, can't answer questions asked, perhaps don't particularly care to know any more, don't have the time to spend with you or the animal, or, if you'll
forgive me, are so 'snobby' in their manner that I'm put off wanting to talk to them any more, or the criteria they demand is so very strict that unless you have 4 acres in deep countryside you'll not get a collie of any sort.

But that's not the Wiccaweys way at all.Sarah and Paul know each dog they take in, because they take them home, to live with them in their own home, not in a cement and wire fencing kennels affair. By doing this, the dogs are properly assessed in a home environment, are properly acclimatised to living with others, both human and canine - and not forgetting the chickens, the cats, the horses in the field not far off...

Couple that with Sarah and Paul's almost uncanny ability to match dog character with prosective adopter, and then you'll not be surprised to learn that I phoned them one day to ask about them, went to meet them the next
day, bringing my older 3 legged lurcher dog with me, and that very same day went home with an adopted Border Collie X.

Had another rescue centre not sent year old Molly to Wiccaweys, had Sarah and Paul not assessed Molly fully, had they not taken the time and sussed me out with asking lots of questions, then Molly and I would not have met. And maybe Molly would have not been alive today - because Molly had already been dumped, bred from far too young and dumped again when the owners preferred the pups, and because the truth is that so many collies are euthanased because they're not allowed the time or the space to be what they are - to be collies.Thank you for giving so much time - time that others do not or cannot give.And maybe you'll also not be surprised to learn that I am more than happy to give a little of my time to go out and do homechecks for prospective Wiccaweys adopters - I can give something back to these wonderful people and
help to get other collies new homes.Please don't forget - so very often the "problem" collie's problem has been people...

Rosalyn Young.

Whilst we were looking for premises, several articles about our search appeared in the Dog Press,
these are some of the things people had to say about us.
A big thank you to Nick Mays and all that contributed.

Hi Nick,

Wiccaweys rescue have been extremely successful with rehabilitating collies and finding lovely new homes for them. They have a great deal of experience and knowledge of the breed that means they can offer places for difficult dogs that other more general, less specialised rescues (such as ourselves) have a problem with.

Wiccaweys have helped us at HWAR (Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue) with a number of collies that we have needed to find homes for. They have helped us where we either have not had available foster space in which to place them and assess them, or where we have not had the available expertise to deal with them in the short term. Some of these dogs require long term attention to help them overcome their fears and insecurities due to their background, of which we usually know very little if anything at all.

We have been extremely thankful that Wiccaweys have been there to help these poor dogs that with time often turn into productive members of the dog world (excelling in agility or obedience disciplines for example) and/or loving pets.

Wiccaweys, despite its own difficulties, is currently fostering a young collie bitch that came from our rescue.
We did not have an available foster home that would suit her as she is a very special needs dog due to a violent puppyhood. We are delighted that Wiccaweys offered to take her and she has been placed in an experienced collie home with one of Wiccaweys fosterers, where she can learn to become a family member and develop to her full potential.

The animal rescue world UK-wide will miss Wiccaweys if it cannot continue its invaluable work.

Alison Simmons
Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue

Tess, long term foster dog, who had been severely abused and beaten with chains.
Her foster home worked with her for several months to bring her round - and then couldn't bear for her to leave, so adopted her. :)

Dear Nick

As a family we wanted to replace a much loved dog that had died and felt with so many dogs in need of a home that we would "rescue" one. Although we had heard and read some horror stories about rescue type dogs, we felt that if we did our homework we would avoid getting the wrong sort!

We visited several rescue centres, but they did not have any Border Collies, on the internet I found several Border Collie rescue sites but they were in the Lake District and Wales, I rang a local rescue centre in Ely, and they recommended that I contact WICCAWEYS.

WICCAWEYS - never heard of them and they had not come up on my search on the internet.

Sarah answered my call, a friendly knowledgeable person, who had the knack of finding out all about you for very good reasons, and before I knew it, she had a potted biography of our lives, expectations from a dog, our lifestyle, family habits, and working patterns. Sarah said that we may need to be patient until a suitable match came up, and we waited several months for a dog which fitted our criteria. Sarah and Paul rescue dogs mainly Border Collies and they all live together at home with them, they then can assess them without the stresses of living in a kennel environment, they can see if they are children and cat friendly, and are domesticated/housetrained. Sarah contacted us with a choice of two dogs which may suit our needs, she posted photographs and potted history/biography of each dog, then arranged for a visit to be made to our home with the dogs. The visit was a relaxed affair and all the family were present, the dogs were able to have the run of our home and garden.

Sarah put no pressure on us to choose either of them saying that if we did not want either of these that she would keep looking out for a dog to suit us. We chose Jip a middle aged Border Collie who Sarah and Paul had rescued from Ireland where he was abandoned.

In the six months that we have had him, he has settled in well and now is very relaxed at first when you put him in the garden he would constantly be looking over his shoulder to make sure that you were not going to run away and leave him, and he cried when you left him on his own in the house, however now he is a confident, bright and intelligent dog who has put the past behind him, and has been given a second chance all thanks to Sarah and Paul.

To look at Jip with his middle aged grey fur and white rimmed eyes you would have probably passed him by in a kennel environment, but bringing him into our home his character was able to come across and we would most definitely choose another rescue dog from WICCAWEYS!

Grace and Brian Crump
Bury St Edmonds

Hi Nick,

I volunteer with a rescue group in southern Ireland called Limerick Animal Welfare. I have had a lot of dealings with Sarah and she has helped us out on numerous occasions. we rescue many collies and collie crosses.

Sadly many of theses dogs have been badly abused, and as a result of being ill treated many of them show behavioural problems.

However Sarah has taken many such dogs from us and turned their life's around. Sarah gives them so much time and care and she teaches them to trust and enjoy life again.

Sarah finds the dogs wonderful homes and always keeps in touch with us she sends lot of happy photos of the dogs in their new homes.

I wish there were more Sarah's in the world.

Niamh Allen
Vice Chairperson
Limerick Animal Welfare

Dear Nick,

Looking at Wiccaweys web site one day, we clicked on "dogs needing homes" and discovered Mia, (now called Lizzie).

She looked quite similar to one of our own dogs, a little black and white terrier x collie. She had been rescued from extreme cruelty. Her story haunted us and we offered to adopt her.

Home checks went well, and we were very priveleged to become Mia's new family. And she is a smashing little dog!

Fortunately she appears unaffected by her grim past, and loves everyone, covering them in licks and kisses, given half the chance. She's doing well at training classes, and is thoroughly enjoying life. She is full of energy, very bouncy and great fun.

We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to give her a new home, and thank Wiccaweys so much for all the work that they do.

Graham and Toni Slater.

Mia was rescued by a Dog Warden in Ireland. He found her after hearing her terrifed cries in a Park.
He found Mia strung up by her back legs, and tied to a tree, while Youths beat her with sticks and branches.

Dear Nick,

Wiccaweys was an absolute life saver for me.

Oliver's Story
A lovely Border Collie,who was initially purchased by a friend of mine, had to be re-homed very quickly due to hospitalization of his owner. In my infinite wisdom, I took him on.

However already having a 3 year old German Shepherd, life was becoming very difficult and Oliver was not getting the stimulation he needed. So in great desperation, i contacted Wiccaweys . Sarah and Paul were brilliant, they kept in touch and eventually Oliver found a perfect life with a new Mummy and Daddy.

Making sure that Dogs and prospective adopters are a perfect match is very important for the well being of all. This is carried out admirably by these precious carers.

The dedication that Wiccaweys gives to re-homing and rescuing Dogs is second to none.

Carol A Thornton

Dear Nick,

I cannot bear to think that Paul and Sarah will not be able to continue the fantastic work they do simply for lack of accommodation. Paul and Sarah were strangers to me until Saturday August 7th 2004.
I had been devastated by the loss of my beloved collie, Bess, rescued through the RSPCA in 1993.
She was ravaged by an unusual cancer just after my retirement in March 2004.

I had to honour a commitment to a relative in Leicester that weekend and had discovered the Wiccaweys telephone number via the internet. A long telephone conversation and a prolonged visit to Wiccaweys the following day ensured that I met my new companion, Jess.

It was a truly amazing experience, thanks to Paul and Sarah's unique sensitivity and skills for matching dog to human. I hope many other people and dogs can go on finding the relationship that is - literally -mutually life-giving and made possible by all too few very special people like Paul and Sarah.

Liz Ramsey

Hi Nick,

We do not know each other, but I got in touch with Sarah and Paul when unfortunately I was taken ill and found that I could not look after my dog Ben. I have a bone disease that is progressively getting worse and found myself in the situation that I could not manage in my bungalow on my own and was told by my Specialist that I would really be better in a Warden Controlled flat where, if needed, help would be at hand.

After a lot of soul searching I conceded to this, but that meant that I would not be able to take my long time friend, Ben, whom I had had since rescuing him from the RSPCA in York after he had been badly treated. We had been friends for about 6 years and it was a big (and sad) decision to find Ben a new home.

My sister went online to see if there were any Dogs Home that may be willing to find him a new home, she found The Dogs Trust and talking to them, they had said that they would be able to find him a home but the waiting list was a bit long due to the Xmas period. The lady gave Sarah and Paul's number to my sister to see if they could help because they specialised in Border Collies and Ben is a Border Collie.

The contact was made and from the first phone call it was obvious that the love and care they had for dogs was so apparent. They quickly sought a home for Ben as time was against me in that I had to move quite quickly.

Ben is now with his new owner and is continuing to enjoy life in a loving home, without the help from Sarah and Paul I am not sure the outcome would have been good.

From the outset they were extremely caring about my situation and it was clear that their life is surrounded by the love of helping Borders in need. I was sad to hear that they need to move and hope that your article will allow them to find a suitable place to carry on with their work, because without them my transition would have been a lot more painful and to have someone care, not only for my dog, but that was understanding and caring for my situation is something you do not find very often in our world.

They deserve all our help.

With thanks,

Hi Nick,

I believe you are doing an article about Wiccaweys for Our Dogs in the hope of helping them find a home.
Time is running out we all know and if Sarah and Paul don't find somewhere soon they will have to close.

I am one of Wiccaweys foster homes, I started fostering about 2 years ago, I contacted Sarah after reading about all the great work she does and it has just grown from there.

I am currently fostering number 18, his name is Sam, he is a lovely Black and White Collie, he was an Irish Poundie, probably an ex farm dog, his teeth have been clipped so he probably failed as a sheepdog.

I could try and explain all the reasons why Wiccaweys shouldn't close, but there is only one that matters and that is the dogs. Another rescue may help some, but most would probably be PTS.

Reason One - Wallie a Blind Collie, no other rescue would take a blind ex farm dog from Wales. Wallie found a home within five weeks, he now lives in the Norfolk Broads and his family often take him camping, he has more holidays than I do.

Reason Two - Dyson ex farm collie found tied to a fence in Ireland. He was extremely thin. He spent the first few days standing just outside the kitchen door popping his head round the door and wondering whether to come inside or not. He now lives with two other collies and a cat, he turned out to be the most handsome collie.

Reason Three - Mac a Pointer from Ireland, I became aware that this dog was to pts in Ireland and asked Sarah to help him. And just over two weeks later he arrived. I contacted a Pointer Rescue who had a waiting list, they gave me a families details in the same city as me and he found a home straight away. He is an honorary Collie.

Reason Four - Holly, a nine year old Collie from a Northern Pound, her owners decided to hand her over to the local pound to be PTS as they wanted a puppy. Holly was house trained, lead trained, perfect, she found a family of her own and is very active still and enjoys long walks.

Reason Five - Bear, oh my Bear, I do love this dog, he is a white collie. He was a stray in the midlands, a young couple found him and took him home, they wanted to help him, but they worked and they tried to find someone to take him, no one wanted to know. Wiccaweys took him, I remember the first time I saw him, he was so thin and he had licked at his bum (he had constant diarrhoea) so much he had turned his white fur a pink colour. Bear slept under my bed because it was safe and no one could hurt him there. He had so much character, I can't tell you in words how special he was and still is, I wanted to keep him and I think I might have, but a couple contacted Wiccaweys and they fell in love with him, they could offer him the perfect home, Bear is now happy, safe and very much loved and just a bit spoilt.

Reason Six - Ben (White Ben) a mainly white collie, I collected Ben from a farm in Hereford on behalf of Wiccaweys, he was terrified of people and flea ridden (when you touched him the fleas jumped on your hand). When I got him home he huddled on the paving slabs in my garden to terrified to move, I couldn't coax him in the house, eventually at 12pm at night I had to catch him and carry him in. He changed quickly, more quickly than you can imagine, he became a squeaky toy fanatic, I had to but them away at night, because all we could here was squeak, quiet then squeak, all night. Ben found a perfect home. I could go on in detail lol

Reason Seven - Finn an Irish poundie, Collie, a complete babe, rehomed

Reason Eight - Compo, a ball obsessed Collie with Hip Dysplacia, rehomed

Reason Nine - Lottie, problem collie, rehomed, training to compete in agility

Reason Ten and Eleven - Kelly and Mac, Kelly was an old Collie and Mac a Westie found together as strays, Sarah took them on and within a week she had found their owners, they had been stolen, and they were returned to their home.

Reason Twelve - Sky, Welsh Collie puppy, rehomed

Reason Thirteen - Buttons, now training to be a search and rescue dog.
Buttons is now known as Minnie, and is a member of the Leicester Fire Service Search and Rescue Team.
When her training is complete she will offically known as k9 Firefighter Minnie - and will be part of the UKFSSART (UK Fire Service Search And Rescue Teams)

Reason Fourteen - Ben, unwanted collie pup on death row in Welsh pound, rehomed

Reason Fifteen and Sixteen - Holly and Mistletoe, Irish 6 month old poundies, in a bad state when they arrived, rehomed and flourishing Reason

Seventeen - Jerry - unwanted collie pup, rehomed

Reason Eighteen - Sam, Irish poundie, ex farm dog, still looking for a home.

These are my eighteen reasons why Wiccaweys must continue and these are just the dogs I have fostered, there have been so many more. They aren't all Collie's, Wiccaweys has rehomed, a Pointer, Poodles, Shih Tzu, a German Spitz, mongrels just to name a few. Sarah and Paul have taken on Dogs with Epilepsy, Hip dysplacia, Blindness, Deafness, brain damage and numerous other illness's, not many rescues would take on dogs with illness's, let alone a breed rescue.

Some of the collies they have taken on also have behavioural problems, most have been retrained, but the rescue still have a few that can never be rehomed and will have to stay at Wiccaweys, if Wiccaweys closes these dogs have no where. Sorry I do go on.
If you would like any details or photos of the dogs I have mentioned please contact me.

Thank You for doing this article
Tricia Dunham
Coventry, Warwickshire

Hi Nick,

A little note in support of yet another rescue threatened with closure.

There are few people who will travel the country to collect one dog who's life is at risk, let alone drive for solid days to ensure the safety of many.

There are fewer who will put their hands in their pockets and pay for the treatment often ill or abused dogs so badly need, which can be said of much of the work Wiccaweys do, rehabilitation, training with dogs who have particular behaviour issues, home checks to ensure the dogs are rehomed hopefully for life in a happy safe and loving environment, not to mention the routine neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, walking, feeding, and genuine love for each and every dog that's saved - and the tears for those that couldnt be saved.

I am scared as to what will happen to the dogs if yet another rescue has to close, who is going to do all of the above....... will you?

Coventry, Warwickshire

Hi Nick,

Thank you for giving Wiccaweys some coverage. If anyone deserves it, then it's Sarah & Paul!!!

They do a fantastic job rescuing numerous collies, and plenty of other dogs besides
I am a volunteer at another rescue centre & Sarah & Paul have always been willing to provide lots of support & advice, despite any problems of their own.

With Paul at death's door over Christmas & the ongoing worry over becoming homeless, Sarah still managed to rescue several litters of manic collie pups.

The world would be a worse place without Wiccaweys - especially for Border Collies!
It will be tragic if a rescue that has saved so many lives is not rescued itself.

Liz Clarke
Wiccaweys Supporter

Hi Nick,

This is Catherine from District Dogs Rescue.

In Warrington I work with a pound and regularly receive support from Wiccaweys with border collie's in need of assessment.

The commitment shown by Wiccaweys to the welfare of border collies is exceptional.

Many border collies suffer in their early days from landing in inexperienced hands, this means that once abandoned it is not possible to rehome them without prior assessment and care, something Wiccaweys excels at.

Through their network of experienced foster homes, and the commitment of Sarah and Paul, I have watched many border collies grow into balanced and well trained dogs which if this initial training and assessment had not been given may well have had no life at all.

Catherine Moore
Warrington Animal Welfare
Warrington, Cheshire

Molly - Stray from Warrington. Sad haunted girl.
Now excelling at agility, much loved and a happy, confident young lady.

Hi Nick,

I understand you are doing an article about Wiccaweys and the fact that they need a new home.
I therefore thought I would drop you a quick e-mail just to say how hard Sarah and Paul work to keep Wiccaweys dogs in good health until they find their forever homes.

In 2002 they took in a 10 week old blue merle dog who had been rescued from a garden where he was tied up 24/7, with an overturned dustbin as a kennel! The poor dog was barking constantly for some attention, but the owner didn't know why he was making so much noise!

Sarah and Paul (thankfully) came to the rescue and I was the lucky one to end up with Dylan.

If it hadn't been for Sarah and Paul giving up yet more of their time, energy, money and not to mention space in their home, who knows what would have become of this poor defenceless dog. Not to mention the other lucky dogs who have found themselves at Wiccaweys Rescue.

It would be a real shame if they had to close down because they couldn't find anywhere to move to that is suitable. I would therefore urge people to help with finding Wiccaweys a new home.

Dylan now (Kennel Club Name : Wiccaweys Sparky Blue)

Mandy Melville-Love

Hi Nick,

I adopted young Herbie at 8 weeks old and he was very poorly having had a very sad start to life.

When we took him on we knew that he had wonky eyes and that he was a little bit slow at picking things up, but we didn't care as he was very cute and in desperate need of a permanent home. He is now 18months old and yes he still has wonky eyes but he is full of mischief and brings a lot of fun into our lives.

When we went down to see him at Wiccaweys, Sarah gave us quite a tough time as she knew that he had to go to a home that would really care for him because of his many problems. We are very pleased and grateful that she allowed us to take him home. My husband reminds him every time he does something naughty (nearly every day) that we travelled a long way to find him and if he doesn't behave he can pack his toys up and start walking back (100+ miles). His usual answer is to bark and stick his tongue out.

Wiccaweys do a really good job for very little monetary return, but I would image they get a lots of satisfaction in knowing they are helping some of the thousands of dogs abandoned every year.
Attached are some photos of him at 8 weeks and 15months.

South Yorkshire

Herbert's story can be read in the Evil that Men Do section

Dear Nick,

I understand that you are writing an article about Wiccaweys for Our Dogs and you are looking for people to contribute.

Myself and my fiance Dave first got in contact with Wiccaweys in May of last year when we were looking to adopt a pair of collies. Sarah matched us to a bonded pair she had there who were very nervous Irish collies. After a homecheck we travelled up there to meet them and at the same time ended up falling in love with another collie. So we came home with three!

We then spent six months working through their various issues. In November, once they'd settled in, we offered to start fostering for Wiccaweys. Our second foster was Meg - an elderly collie cross - who ended up staying with us.

We now have another foster called Tess who has been badly abused and is extremely nervous.
We've also conducted homechecks for Wiccaweys and transported dogs to their new homes.
If you would like to have a chat about our involvement with Wiccaweys or our dogs please feel free to email or call.

Kind Regards

Hi Nick,

We got a Bella our rescue dog from Wiccaweys last November.
Sarah & Paul went to a lot of trouble to get her for us and were very helpful during the whole process.
Bella has turned out to be a delightful dog and has met all our expectations.

David & Sue Goodman
Wigginton Herts.

Bella came over from a rescue in Ireland, where she kept getting over looked.

Dear Nick,

I would like to say that I think that Sarah and Paul do a wonderful job and go above and beyond the call of duty in many cases. I work with them and foster some of the dogs they take in, and have also given a forever home to one of their puppies.

They put up with an awful lot of grief from some people and give all their time and effort to trying to find loving homes for all the dogs that they possibly can.

There is always a long waiting list of homeless dogs and Wiccaweys is in constant high demand.
It would be such a shame if because of their situation all this good work had to stop and the animal world would definitly suffer.


Hi Nick & Sarah,

Just wanted to say thank you both so very very much for helping with, the wee deaf border collie puppy.
I think you both do a marvelous job, and to take on a puppy, especially a deaf one when you are in such a turmoil re accommodation, just makes me admire you all the more.

I wish you both all the very best and hope you find a place soon, so that you can go on doing the great work with Border Collies.

Yours most sincerely
Ena Conyon.
Second Chance Kennels

Hi Nick,

I don’t have a Wiccaweys dog, but have known of Sarah and Paul and the wonderful work they do for several years. If I ever hear of someone looking to adopt a collie, or someone needing to rehome theirs, Wiccaweys is the first place I think of for them to contact.

I am very impressed by their devotion to the dogs in their care and recall many occasions where they have gone out of their way to help a dog in need – as every good rescue would.

I hope to be in a position to foster collies at some point in the future and look forward to helping Wiccaweys if I can.

I pray that Wiccaweys can find the new home that they need, in order to be able to continue their rescue work.

It would indeed be a very sad day in the rescue and collie world if Wiccaweys Rescued Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs had to close its doors. The dogs need them – please help them!

Kind regards,
Angela Chapman