Understanding Your Collie Talks

There are so many misleading pieces of behavioural advice out there, and people really struggle with it, so we now run a basic 'Understanding Your Collie' talk. You cannot correctly understand and solve problems with your dog, unless you have a basic understanding of him or her and their natural instincts.

The sessions start at 11am. Arrival from 10.30am.

Arrival: Coffee/tea for attendees & walks for attending dogs

Morning Session: Talk about the history of the Collie, how they originated, what makes them so special, why they think like they do and their natural instincts. Why they are so often misunderstood in 'mainstream' training. We will discuss accepted behavioural 'theories', and how they do and don't fit in with the Collie instinct. We will talk about the way we work with the dogs at Wiccaweys and how we understand them.

Break for Lunch & walks for attending dogs

Afternoon Session: Question & Answer and Discussion session.

PLEASE NOTE: Understanding Your Collie is not a dog training class. It is not a 1-2-1 behavioural consult. It is a talk, followed by a discussion session. If you need personal time, or have a specific issue with your own dog that you need more help with, then you will be given the opportunity to book in for 1-2-1 behavioural at a later date.

These sessions cover the basics about collies, which seem to be ignored by other classes, giving you a general overview of why collies behave in the way that they do, where they originated, what makes them tick and how they see the world. You do not have to have a collie to attend, but if you do feel free to bring him/her along - along with your normal walking lead / collar / harness, etc.

Cost: £25 per person, including refreshments (tea/coffee/biscuits/cake). You will need to bring your own lunch.
Numbers will be limited on each session so it is comfortable for both human and canine attendees.

Booking: To book your place, please check out the available dates below, and then email us on: wiccaweys@aol.com or call: 07905 203254. You can also sign up via the Wiccaweys Forum.

WARNING: We will be absolutely honest, blunt and to the point. If you don't agree with our advice or suggestions, that is up to you, but we will not get into arguments about other behavioural theories - these sessions are to learn the way we at Wiccs interpret collie behaviour and work with dogs - not an excuse for an argument over other people's theories. You must be open-minded and want to learn the Wiccs way of understanding collies.

2014 Talk Dates
Thursday 30th January
Thursday 27th February
Thursday 27th March
Thursday 24th April
Thursday 29th May
Thursday 26th June
Thursday 31st July
Thursday 28th August
Thursday 25th September
Thursday 30th October
Thursday 27th November
Thursday 18th December


Hi Paul,
I have to say a big thank you for today. Cassie says a thank you for tiring out my big sis. Ginny is flat out after a hard days growling. I personally think every new Wiccaweys dog owner should attend one of these day's ASAP. It would save so much misunderstanding of their dogs behaviour and needs. It certainly has made me think differently about how to understand my two girls from now on.

Robin, Cassie & Ginny