The WiccKid Club!

This is a brand new section especially for our younger friends & supporters.
We would love you to send stories, pictures and drawings of your Wiccaweys dog!
We will be running competitions and having special WicKid classes at Wiccaweys Events.

Please email your stories and pictures to:

If you would like to snail mail paintings & drawings, please email to confirm our address first.


This is Kerry Munnings who rehomed Tegan Fizz about 2 years ago. She was the blue merle collie and you brought her down to us in Beccles Suffolk. I am now 14 years old.

I would like to inform you on how me and Fizz are getting on. When we first got Fizz doing agility she was a night mare! All she did was run back to the car and she was petrefied of the arena. When she got going she went through many never ending problems including refusing jumps, going under jumps and then going round the jumps. Finally we got it using alot of patience.

Now she is a loving dog who would do anything to please.

Last year we won out of elimentary and we have just been in a junior team who qualifed for crufts and amazingly came 2nd! The team included five members, we were the youngest insisting of all the heights the rest were over 16! But we did and won a medal and rosette.

We have passed the good citizen bronze and are getting ready to take the silver test. (nerve racking!)We also do tricks together she loves it. She lives with four other dogs.

I wouldn't let her go for anything!

Grateful and loving owner Kerry

Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm aged 10 years.

I have 2 Wiccaweys doggies called Arthur and Monty. Monty is very mischievous and Arthur is a good boy. But Monty is nice and likes his cuddles. They like playing together and they get on well.

They like going out for walkies and they like toys. Arthur's favourite is a tennis ball and Monty's is a squeaky toy.

Monty likes to drag his bed around the kitchen and Arthur likes to sleep on the couch.

Monty likes to have his ear scratched and Arthur likes his belly rubbed. ' but

They are both softies.
Lucy Spencer

This is Monty with his head through
the cat flap saying ' is anyone home

and Arthur is asking 'how long is it until the next walk?

Polly & Harrison are best mates.

Polly likes to snuggle up and look after Harrison.

Princess Polly & her best mate Harrison

Dear Sarah and Paul

We thought you might like to see this picture of us with Kim, who we go
from Wiccaweys in April. She loves walks and always takes a tennis ball
with her and we take it in turns to throw it for her.

We love her more than anything and think she is the best dog in the world!

From Jonny and Kieran Humphreys

Out for a walk together