About Wiccaweys

Who we are

We are a not-for-profit rescue dedicated to the welfare of Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs.

  • We have rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed thousands of Collies, many of whom would have otherwise been put to sleep 
  • At any one time, we have up to 50 dogs in our care who we will work to get to know and understand before finding their ideal forever home 
  • Each year we receive thousands of phone calls from owners seeking help. We are always happy to provide behavioural advice free of charge to help owners understand their dogs and ensure that more dogs stay in their homes  

How we do it

We make sure to take the time to get to know all new arrivals and engage in some basic training. Not only does this help us assess what a dog needs in their new home, it also makes the transition to their new life that bit easier.   

Our dogs enjoy lots of group socialising and playtime every day, and many are very good with other dogs. Wiccaweys dogs also get to meet cats, horses, sheep and goats. Naturally, there are always dogs who do not socialise well with other dogs, animals or children, and we make sure to get to know a dog well enough to advise on who they can share their home with.  


In some rescues, Collies often become distressed by having people walk around the kennels viewing them. For this reason, we invite potential owners to meet dogs strictly by appointment only, following a successful home visit, and advise that visitors without an appointment will not be able to browse the dogs.  

We work with KLAWS (Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society) to help rehome Irish Collies who face no prospects of finding a forever home in Ireland.  We also work with selected rescue organisations in Romania.

Wiccaweys relies solely on donations and we are always grateful of any help, whether it be volunteering, blankets, toys or food; we use tins of Butcher’s Tripe Mix and natural dog treats with no artificial additives or colours.  Of course a kind financial donation to help us to continue our work is always very much welcomed.

How can you help?



By making a donation, you help to ensure that we can continue rescuing dogs in need and finding them fabulous forever homes



Whether you have furry family members of your own or not, sponsoring a Wiccs dog is a fun way to make a difference



Volunteering with rescue dogs can be fun, rewarding, and educational. If you're interested in helping out, we'd love to hear from you