Adoption FAQs

your questions answered

Yes, we do. Wiccaweys do not have blanket rules when it comes to potential families.  

Age, ability, background, etc. have nothing to do with how much love and kindness you can offer a dog, and all we ask is that potential owners are honest and realistic about their capabilities and expectations.  

Just as each dog is an individual, each home is assessed on an individual basis. We have seen countless dogs find their perfect homes with families who have unconventional lifestyles, so we are happy to discuss options with anyone who truly feels they can give a rescue dog a great life.  

Older adopters have often found their new best friend here at Wiccaweys and we have an excellent support network for these adopters. Should anything happen to an owner at any age, the dog will always be welcomed back to Wiccaweys, and family members do not need to worry about being left with a dog they cannot care for.  

Again, we have no blanket rules when it comes to your hours of work. We understand that it is unrealistic to expect every dog owner to be at home all day, so we are happy to work with you to find a dog who will suit your lifestyle as much as possible. We will give advice on the amount of time for which dogs can be left at home and other information to help full-time workers give a dog a loving and happy home. 

All our dogs are fully assessed so that we know the type of person and home environment they are best suited to. However, we are not in a position to replicate everything a dog may come across in their new life, for example, a busy city environment or the school run. Once away from the safety of the rescue and their friends, in new environments with new, relatively unknown people and situations, dogs may behave differently to the way they did here at Wiccaweys. 

We ask potential adopters to be realistic in their expectations of the dog and to consider the work they will be able to put into their adopted dog. Be honest about what you can deal with and, more importantly, the time and effort you can put in to rescue dog. 

Yes, you can. We home dogs all over the country, and we have a network of trusted home checkers in many areas. Once you have passed your home check, you will be invited to come and meet the dog at Wiccaweys in North Lincolnshire. If travelling to us with all of the people and dogs who live in your home is not realistic, we recommend you connect with a rescue closer to home, as that first visit is so very important.

While it is preferable to have 6ft fences, we appreciate that it isn’t always possible, especially in rural areas. We do ask that your garden is secure, or that there is a secure area for the dog to use for toileting and pottering around while they learn their boundaries. Collies are clever enough to make excellent escape artists, so please do speak with us before requesting a home check if you are concerned about the security of your space.  

We know how our dogs behave around other animals, including cats & livestock, and will be able to advise on whether or not a particular dog is likely to get on with your pets. 

When you visit Wiccaweys after your home check, you will bring any dogs already in your home with you, so they can meet your potential new family member and we can assess how they all get along.    If there are dogs who very regularly visit your home, friends or family, they are very welcome to come along with you to meet your potential friend.

We will be able to show you how your potential new friend interacts with the animals here – our cats are always in reception, so we can’t avoid them getting involved.  

We do ask people to keep in mind that we can’t predict how your cat will react to a new dog in the house.

  • All our dogs are neutered or spayed.  The only exception will be young puppies, or where a Vet has advised against the operation in a particular case; such as an elderly dog.
  • All our dogs are fully vaccinated and will come with their vaccination card.   Dogs from overseas will come with a Pet Passport and will be vaccinated against rabies as well as the usual routine vaccinations.
  • All our dogs are microchipped.
  • All our dogs are wormed and flea treated.

All visits the rescue are strictly by appointment only, following a successful adoption application.  We are not open for people to turn up and browse the dogs as this is very stressful for them.  We regret that people who turn up without an appointment will be asked to leave, especially so with the present Covid situation.  We thank you for your understanding.

There are always more dogs with us than appear on the website, and some new arrivals may never even make the website. This is for several reasons:

  • We already have pre-assessed homes waiting who are perfect for a new arrival.  As we are very careful about matching the right dog to the right home, a lot of people like to start the process to get their foot on the ladder, ready for when the right dog for them arrives with us.
  • We have very long term dogs, or dogs with specific needs who require very special homes.  With the best will in the world, folks don’t always read a dog’s details and enquire based on a photo alone.  We talk about these special dogs with any suitable adoption enquiry as appropriate.
  • Our permanent residents who are unabled to be rehomed for various reasons.  They have a safe sanctuary space with us, and are firm favourites with the staff and volunteers.  They are able to enjoy life without a care in the world.