Adopt a dog

finding your new best friend

Your guide to adopting a dog from Wiccaweys

Our adoption process has been designed to make sure we find the very best homes for our dogs and to make sure that new owners are fully supported throughout. If you feel you can offer a loving home to a Wiccaweys dog, read below to find out more about your next steps. 

- Initial enquiry 

When you express your interest in a Wiccaweys dog, we will discuss with you your lifestyle, needs, and circumstances and work with you to decide whether the dog in question is suitable for you. If the dog you have spotted is not a good match, don’t worry, we’re often able to suggest another of our delightful residents who are likely to suit you better.   All adoption enquiries must be made by telephone, we like to have a good chat with you.  We do not accept adoption enquiries via email, text or messenger.   

All visits the rescue are strictly by appointment only, following a successful adoption application.  We are not open for people to turn up and browse the dogs as this is very stressful for them.  We regret that people who turn up without an appointment will be asked to leave, especially so with the present Covid situation.  We thank you for your understanding.

- Your home check

Before potential owners meet a dog, we carry out a home check to make sure that the environment is safe and suitable, and to provide information and advice to potential owners. 

During the home check, we will take the time to get to know you, your family and any other animals in your home in order to make sure we match you with a dog who is well suited to your family. You will be asked to complete an adoption application and our home checker will answer any questions you may have about the process. 

Things to consider:

All our home checkers are volunteers and very kindly give their time to carry out home checks, often travelling considerable distances. For this reason, we ask that you only request a home check when you are completely ready to offer a rescue dog a home. Our home checks are not considered current for longer than 2 months, so if you have a holiday or house move coming up and would rather adopt a dog after, please wait until afterwards to request your home check.  

We do not accept references or home checks from other organisations – we always carry out our own home visit. We never pass on information about your home visit to other organisations under any circumstances. Your privacy is assured under data protection. 

If your home check is not successful, please don’t be offended or disappointed. Just because your circumstances are not suitable for one dog, doesn’t mean they are not perfect for another. We are firm believers that there is a dog out there for everyone, and we’re committed to matching loving owners with lucky dogs.  

- Meeting a dog

Once you have successfully passed your home check, you will be invited to meet the dog here at Wiccaweys. We welcome potential owners by appointment only, seven days a week, 11am – 3pm. When your appointment is made, you will be sent our visiting guidelines so you know how to find us and what to expect when you visit.  

You will need to bring everyone who will be living with the dog, including any other dogs. It is important to assess your dog and your potential dog together to make sure that they get on. We never rush a visit and make sure to give you and the dog time alone to get to know each other. You will have plenty of time to interact and play with your potential new dog both in our secure paddocks and out on a walk in our beautiful surroundings.   

Sometimes upon meeting a dog, it becomes apparent that you are just not right for each other. Please tell us if you feel this way, and we’ll tell you if we think another dog might be better suited to you.

- Going home

If everyone is in agreement that you’ve found your new best friend (and most importantly, if the dog is happy with you), then the adoption can take place! 

In order to make clear the commitment you are making to your new dog, we will ask you to sign an adoption contract. This legally binding document sets out everything you will need to do to give your rescue dog the life they deserve and provides an excellent opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have forgotten about.  

All Wiccaweys dogs go to their new homes with food and information about the food they have been eating. If you do not have a new collar and lead for your new friend, we have recommended collars, leads and harnesses for sale at Wiccaweys, otherwise, dogs will be issued with a going home collar and lead that we ask you to return for other dogs to use. 

You will be given details of any veterinary treatment received along with dates of worming and flea treatments and information about the products used. 

Things to consider:

Our suggested minimum donation is £350. 

This helps to cover some of the vet fees and routine care given to our dogs and helps to ensure we can continue rescuing dogs in the future. This amount is the same for all dogs as it is a donation to the organisation, rather than a ‘price’ for a dog.  

Lifetime support

No matter how long your Wiccaweys dog has been a part of your family, we will always be here to offer support and advice. If you have any questions, concerns, or anything else you’d like to talk to us about, please don’t hesitate to get in touchWiccaweys dogs are very much loved by everyone here and we love to hear how they are getting on, so please feel free to drop us an email about your new lives together, or join our closed Facebook group to chat with a whole community of Wiccaweys families.