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  Collie type
  2 years
Dog Friendly
Possible Family Dog

Hello folks, I’m Angelina, nice to meet you. I’m a friendly girl who’s had a hard life up until now. I was saved from a nasty place, pregnant and alone in the world. On the day I was saved, I gave birth to my babies. Sadly, my babies were too precious for this world and 1 by 1 they left me for the Rainbow Bridge, and I was all alone again. Wiccs had seen my story and my sad face, and they offered to take me in. So I am here, and my sad face is starting to smile again. I’m loving the feel of grass under my paws and being able to roll about and kick my legs in the air. I’m getting quite good at taking a selfie too. I would love a home where I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Do you think that could be with you?

Wiccaweys Promise

Every Dog Has Been