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Fat Ted

  Collie x
  2 years
Dog Friendly

Hello, I’m Teddy, or as those cheeky girls at Wiccs call me, Fat Ted! Hey, so I’m well upholstered! The team have got me on a bit of a keep fit regime, not sure how I feel about that personally. I reckon I’m a pretty good couch potato! I’ve had a tough life to be honest, so I’m a bit shy when I first meet folks, and I’m having to learn all that normal dog stuff that folk take for granted, like walking on a lead. To tell you the truth, I quite like sniggering at the team trying to pick me up when I stage a protest for that lead malarky. Ok, I’ll try harder as there have been threats of a skateboard under my belly!! I don’t know what they mean!
I’m a bit comical when I know you. I’m good with other dogs. If you fancy finding out more, give me a call. Thanks for reading – and send meat pies! This diet is no fun!!

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