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  6 years

Hiya, I’m Flynn. First, I love it here. I get to run around and be me all day. I can run around and play and generally be a bit of a ruffian. Thing is, and the reason I’m not in a home is because I don’t do a domestic environment. I can get very stressed indoors, so a ‘normal’ home just isn’t for me. I’m looking for a small holding where I can run around and just be me. I don’t like feeling cornered, I just love space! I’m good with polite dogs, but sometimes I forget myself and can be a bit of a controlling plonker. That’s the herdy, controlling side of me I guess. I love doing mental games and tricks, but they tend to be when I feel like it. I’m a bit obsessed with routine and don’t like it when things change. I don’t like people moving my bed, for example. Sometimes though, I’ll decide to change the routine without letting you know – just to keep you paying attention and on your toes.

Wiccaweys Promise

Every Dog Has Been

  • Neutered or Spayed (age permitting)
  • Vaccinated
  • Wormed
  • Flea Treated
  • Micro-Chipped
  • Has a Vaccination Card and/or Pet Passport
  • Comes with lifetime support from the Wiccaweys team