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  4 years

Hi there, I’m Fred! I’ve come from Ireland, and I’m a bit nervous. I’m great with dogs, and cats and love being fussed if I know you, but if I meet a new human, I’ll often hide or try to avoid them. This can be a bit of a problem when someone wants to meet me, though. It means that if you’re interested in offering me a home, you’ll need to meet me a few times so I feel confident going off on a new adventure with you. I suppose this just means I don’t rush move in with new people on a first date! I really need a calm, experienced home with another dog who will be my best friend and show me the ropes. I’m doing really well at Wiccaweys and love my doggy friends here, but I really want my own forever home where I can blossom.

Wiccaweys Promise

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