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2 – 3 years
Adult Home Only
Long Termer
Multiple Visits Required

Hiya! I’m Graffie-Dawgus and I’m still looking for my forever home! I was very confused when I first arrived at Wiccs because people hadn’t understood me at all and had subjected me to all sorts of behaviour correction paraphernalia and techniques , including an electric shock collar!! So as you can imagine I had no reason to trust any human, because whatever I did, I would be told off or e-shocked for. The gang at Wiccs got rid of that nasty collar immediately, and then gave me all the time and space I needed to trust them. It took a while, but now I can’t get enough cuddles with them all!! I’m getting better with dogs now – I used to hate being around them as my previous home would shock me when I barked to say hello. So then I would bark to tell dogs to stay away because if they came near I would get a zap – I got a zap anyway! It was so confusing, I couldn’t do right for doing wrong! Now I know that I won’t be zapped when I see another dog, but I do need to have confidence in the person holding my lead and deep down I’d prefer to be an only dog though. I still don’t do cats. I love playing ball, and I love my routine and need a home where some experienced and calm collie people who will help me continue on my journey from confused pup to handsome young man about town. I will need to meet new people on multiple occasions before I can go off home with them, but please don’t hesitate to ask about me!

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