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3 years
Adult Only Home
Smallholding / Very Rural Home Only
No Cats

Hi, I’m Henry! I’m a collie lad who loves to learn, and at the moment I’m still trying to do everything at 100 mph! I was very much loved by my previous home, unfortunately I was just too energetic for them, my mum was in danger of being pulled over when I got excited out on walks and the house and garden weren’t big enough for me to run and play properly. I did find a home, but I was too strong for them when out walking near traffic – I have a very strong herdy brain and I wanted those cars to stand still and behave. I love people and some other dogs. I’d love a very rural home where I can stretch my legs and have the space to romp about and play. I’m hyper-stimulated by movement and I love to organise things, so I need someone who completely understands this – I’m not going to be a quick fix, so you must be willing to put the time and work in with me, but think of the amazing bond we will have eventually!! I’m an excellent traveler and previously regularly went to France for holidays. If you think I sound fun, give me a call.

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