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  6 months

Hi, I’m Hope! I’m a young collie girl who loves to learn, and at the moment I’m still trying to do everything at 100 mph! Unfortunately, doing things quickly can mean I get stressed and loud and barky. My friends here at Wiccaweys are trying to get me to calm down and think about things before I act. I wasn’t always good with other dogs in my home, but now I’m at Wiccs, I’ve made some doggy friends. Humphrey the Socialising Basset has been showing me the ropes. I’m okay with cats, but I’m a busy collie girl, so I’m sometimes a bit over the top! Really, I want to be someone’s little Princess. Tiaras and tea parties for me. When things get noisy and busy I get stressed, so a calm relaxed home would be perfect where I can learn all about being the dog I’m going to grow up to be! Do you have a calm home fit for a Princess?

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