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  Rough Collie
  6 years

Hi, I’m Keith. I’ve had lots of enquiries over the time I’ve been at Wiccaweys, but not quite found my perfect home yet. I like having fusses on my own terms, but don’t like people getting in my face or treating me like a big teddy bear, even if that’s what I look like. I can snap out if someone’s in my face, so please give me plenty of space. I don’t like cats or small furries, I guess I’m just one of those manly natural hunters, eh? I love playing with toys, and just want to bumble around doing my own thing. With a coat like this, I can be high maintenance. So, I love playing with toys, and I do enjoy fusses on my own terms. Being a Rough Collie I can be sensitive, so I’m looking for a stress-free home, please.

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