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  Romanian Herding Dog
  Mature Adult

Hi!! I’m Rees. I came in with that big wuss baby Griff. While he’s still shy and unsure, I’m loving it here at Wiccaweys! I love fusses, cuddles and running around. I’m much smarter than I look, which I can use to my advantage. Haha! I’ve heard them call me a Gentle Giant. I’m not sure what that means, surely I’m a lap dog with all the cuddles I enjoy. They were a bit taken aback the first time I spoke to them though. I use all sorts of noises, including a low rumble, to say I’m having a good time. Apparently it sounds scary! The wimps!

I’d prefer to be an only dog, to be honest, and no small furries. Small furries would have been my lunch out in the wilds of Romania looking after those herds of sheep. Now, both me and Griff have weird passports. They both say we’re ancient – but we’re not, honest. I heard the humans talk about my teeth, and they’re much too good for an old dog – especially one that would have been eating any old nonsense! So your guess on age is as good as mine. Anyhow, if you’ve got space for me, I’m perfectly happy to come and fill your life with huge hairy bear cuddles!

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