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  Romanian Herding Dog
  Mature Adult

I’m big Rex. I’m a big Romanian Herding Dog, and as you may have noticed, I only have three legs.
I mean, it doesn’t bother me. I can do all the important stuff I need to do, y’know, get off the sofa to go and eat, or poo, or wee, and get back on the sofa again. It’s just like having a student in the house really, apart from the fact I won’t ask to borrow money or need to be driven home from town in the middle of the night and be sick in the plant pot for your aspidistra. So, to add my handsome presence to your home, all I ask for is food, a comfy sofa and a telly. So, when can I move in, and can you lend me a fiver until my student loan comes through?

Wiccaweys Promise

Every Dog Has Been

  • Neutered or Spayed (age permitting)
  • Vaccinated
  • Wormed
  • Flea Treated
  • Micro-Chipped
  • Has a Vaccination Card and/or Pet Passport
  • Comes with lifetime support from the Wiccaweys team