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  3 years

Hi, I’m Sadie. I’m a bit of a tomboy. My best friend is Flynn, and we’re friends because we’re pretty much the same kind of dog. If we didn’t look so different and weren’t completely different ages, we could be twins! So, just like Flynn, I don’t do a domestic environment. I can get a bit stressed indoors, so a ‘normal’ home just isn’t for me. I’m looking for a smallholding where I can run around and just be me. I don’t like having my collar touched, and harnesses can really stress me out. I will grumble to give you a warning and can sound a bit scary… I’m good with polite dogs, but I don’t like boisterous idiots! I love doing mental games and tricks, but that’s really when I’m in the mood.
Just like my friend Flynn, I’m a bit obsessed with routine and don’t like it when things change. I don’t like people moving my bed, for example.

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