Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Who are Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries?

Goodheart founders, David Walker and Dwynwen Jones, care deeply about animals and felt so strongly about doing something that they set up a new charity to provide sanctuary for animals in need.   

Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary, in Worcestershire, is a haven for over 300 rescued animals. Many of these animals have suffered neglect or abuse, and still more were facing slaughter.

These rescued animals will now live their lives in total safety and be treated with the care and respect they deserve.  

Goodheart works to change the public perception of farmed animals through education, outreach, and campaigning. They are working for a world where all sentient creatures are treated with compassion and respect.  

So how does Goodheart help Wiccaweys?

Many years ago David and Dwynwen adopted their very first dogs, Bob and Dylan, from Wiccaweys. A friendship blossomed and through the years this kind couple has opened their hearts and homes to many more Wiccaweys dogs. 

It had been a dream of ours that one day Wiccaweys would have its own permanent premises and in 2016, Dave, DJ & Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries made that dream come true when they secured Brackenmoor Lodge for Wiccaweys.   

But Goodheart’s support doesn’t stop there. In 2017, they began to help Wiccaweys employ staff to help care for the dogs, and since then we have continued to grow.  

Goodheart have ensured a wonderful future for Wiccaweys and made sure that our work can continue for many, many years to come