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For our sponsor dogs, Cam and Fifi, life has not always been easy, and their complicated backgrounds mean they cannot be rehomed. However, they have a safe and happy forever home at Wiccaweys, and although they will be staying at Wiccs, they would still love to have a wonderful big family of caring sponsors.

By sponsoring Cam or Fifi, you can help provide nutritious food, a warm home and excellent care for both them and their friends.

As well as the satisfaction of helping to care for your sponsor dog, you’ll also receive a fabulous pack containing… 

Our sponsorship packs make fantastic gifts for friends and family of all ages, and are also a great way to treat yourself while doing something worthwhile.

We’ll let the stars of the show take it from here. Read below to find out more about your new best friend.


Hello, my name’s Cam and I’ve lived at Wiccaweys for a little while now. You may have noticed I’m not, in fact, a collie- I’m actually part Staffie and part French Bulldog, a lovely mix if I do say so myself.  

So, how did a dog like me end up at a Border Collie Rescue? Well, my previous humans weren’t very nice, and used me as a bait dog for dog fighting. Not a great start to life, but fear not- my story has a happy ending! After I was rescued nobody could give me a home, so Sarah and Paul said I could come and stay at their place. The rest, as they say, is history, and I’ve been a firm fixture in the Wiccs gang ever since.

I still suffer some PTSD from my past, so I can’t be rehomed, but that’s okay because I now have a loving home for life. I LOVE to meet people and can’t wait to meet my new sponsors! So if you ever fancy a play date, give Wiccaweys a call, and I’ll show you around my Doggy Play Park.

Lots of love,

Cool Cam



Hello, I’m Fifi and I’ve lived here at Wiccaweys for quite some time. You’ll be wondering why I haven’t been snapped up, I’m sure; a glamorous girl like me. Thing is, I lost my original human mummy and I was so upset, I didn’t want anyone to come near me at first. When I arrived at Wiccaweys, I didn’t trust anyone- It took six months before I’d let anyone even put a lead on. Now, I love all of the attention I get from my human friends and I love to make new friends- on my own terms, of course, a lady must maintain her high standards.

I live in the Oldies home at Wiccaweys, and I have to say it’s a pretty cushy deal. Me and my doggy pals have our own flat screen TV, regular food deliveries, and a paddling pool – the works! No wonder I have a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.

At Wiccaweys events, you can find me mooching around the Oldies garden. So if you come along, please do say hello – and I certainly wouldn’t say no to a little treat.

Lots of love,

Fabulous Miss Fifi

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